Really not sure how that happened!

Tuesday evenings are running club night and the routine is usually the same with all us runner pairing up with those wanting to run the same distance. Tonight I only fancied running 3 miles/5k because I am running glow in the park tomorrow night and I didn't want to feel to fatigued. So me and my friend grabbed the preplanned route and was quickly joined with another pair and we headed out.

The route was to a halfway point then back. I always make a point of looking at my watch only at the half way point and after I cross the imaginary finish line when I check I was very surprised to see 12.58, it couldn't be surely? We turned around and headed back to the clubhouse.

Less than 500 metres to the finish and the more experienced runners open up into a sprint finish and this time I wanted to follow. The burst of speed shocked me a little, I was a sprinter at school but I haven't felt the rush of adrenaline of pushing myself like that for a long time!

I crossed the imaginary line and reached for my watch! But what was this? 25.19? Surely that's wrong? How on earth is that possible? I ask the other runners their times and we are all seconds apart. I then start reasoning that maybe the route was short but one of my fellow runners checks her gps and it's saying 3.2 miles!! Oh my days! I've just knocked 4 and a half minutes off my time! That's just crazy! I really am shocked. Totally gobsmacked.

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  • Super!

  • :)

  • way to go girl, well done you, brilliant time. :)

  • Thank you, I am super chuffed.

  • Do you fancy going to Rio? If you keep up this progress your PB will be a world record time. Come on team Jenner!!

  • Lol! I am sure it will plateau soon. It was such a surprise that I am sure it is a fluke. My running club was over the moon with my time.

  • Well done and enjoy the moment - sounds like you are :)

    You will improve running with others (natural competitive instinct) plus you mentioned pushing to a sprint at the end.

    Keep it up and let us know how you get on next time - really well done ;)

  • I am in absolute love with running. Why I didn't find it before I will never know. I will keep everyone posted.

  • well done you great time welcome to the 24 min 5k club keep it up

  • Thank you. I doubt I will be running it all the time but now that I know I can do it will spur me on to push that little bit harder.

  • Well done Jenner78. I think you must have some muscle memory from being a sprinter at school. Your confidence must be soaring. What's the next step? High jumping? Cross Country? Rowing? The world's your oyster now.

  • My running confidence has grown considerably. Running has a knock on effect to the rest of my life especially my moods. I am in awe of how much it has changed my life.

  • i hit 23 .13 last week for 5 k now back to 24 mins and can sprint at ends its all about the recovery surprised myself when i could sprint even after 10k but its a great feeling your a runner now jenner 78 keep up the good work happy running

  • That's brilliant!! Well done; going to try a bit of that sprinting myself; it clearly works !

  • I do like to have a sprint finish oldNed such a fantastic feeling.

  • Wow! That is one seriously impressive time and run. As my Nike app once quoted "I'd shake your hand if I could catch up with you". Well done.

  • Thank you. I'm running glow in the park tonight and would really like anything under a sub30 but after such a good run yesterday I am not holding my breath.

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