I ran for 20 minutes!


I meant to post this straight away but had a hectic weekend.

I can't believe I did the 20 minute run on Friday as planned! I had to run in the evening for the first time and was worried this would make it harder, but it didn't. I bumped into two people as I was about to start, and wondered whether this was a sign that the run was not meant to be, but eventually I got going.

I looked a bit demented because every time Laura spoke to me, I got a huge smile on my face and felt a bit tearful! When I finished I was grinning from ear to ear, walking through town, for the first time not thinking that I looked out of place in a pair of trainers.

It made me believe that it is only my mind that is stopping me.

I know I've got another four weeks but this felt like a really big milestone, I can't wait to graduate now!

Thanks for all your lovely, supportive comments xx

4 Replies

  • That 20 min run is a buzz isn 't it?! Well done and good luck with the next four weeks!

  • Way to go!!! That run is a tear-jerker. It's really great to reflect back on how far you've come. Well done.

  • Well done! This really is a milestone in the C25K journey and very emotional too :) Happy running :)

  • Just posted a very similar message before reading this and my goodness, nice to know I'm not alone in (almost) becoming a madly sobbing, joyful wreck following this run. Sure feels good, doesn't it?! Well done :D

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