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My Running Week

Hello all,

I am determined not to bore you all this week so here goes. Mondays run, an extended run went really well, 6.59km in 40.43 which was 1min 22 seconds faster than the previous week. Not a massive improvement but still going in the right direction. Wednesday's interval run I am beginning to dislike as I really end up a sweaty out of breath mess by the end of it but I am putting in lots of effort. Saturdays run (today) a nice quick 5k in 29.02. Pretty happy overall where I am at this moment in time, I will be extending Mondays run to just over 7k in my build up to 10k. That's a scary thought!

Until next week, thanks for boring yourselves silly and keep on running!

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That's a great speed! 1'22" It is a big improvement - I think expectations of more here are very unrealistic :) And you know what? that that improvement is ... the result of the Wednesday intervals ! Well done!


Thanks Pigivi I will keep doing them then!


Well done ! You dislike intervals, I hate hills, and I believe it's the hill runs that are improving my pace ! I guess the whole "no pain no gain" holds some truth !

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