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My running week

Hi All,

My running week has been a little curtailed. Monday I did a swim/run so swam 1400metres and then ran 2.5km. My run time was pretty good with me completing the 2.5k in 15.20. Wednesday was a speed run which was hard but still worthwhile. No run for me this morning as tomorrow I am going to attempt my first Triathlon. Only a super sprint version so 400m swim, 15k ride and 2.5k run. Not an organised event or at least only an organised event for 1, that's me! If I am alive after it I will post ;-). Keep on running!

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Ooo good luck! ☺


Thanks I am going to need it I think!


Hey Mat, good luck with super sprint tri tomorrow & take my hat off to you for putting it together yourself. I am only a recent grad of 5k podcasts but have been doing my own training for triathlon's too. Am wanting to do my first official super sprint tri in Oct my my swimming technique, although vastly improved is not going to be up to scratch to actually compete. So, have kinda resigned myself to doing my first super sprint in March '16. Although it feels like a long way off am also concerned about being able to continue on doing outside training during winter time and keeping my motivation going. I use Lullingstone country park a lot for bike & runs but wanting to start putting these 2 together now that I am a lot fitter than 6months ago! What sort of training are you planning on doing during winter months & are you looking to do a sprint tri?

Once again, good luck tomorrow & will be interested to know your route etc & how you get on :-)



Hi Zeeo,

It turns out we are in the same neck of the woods, I am not the best swimmer, had to teach myself Front Crawl but now seem to be okish at it. Tomorrows little session will be at the Walnuts pool and then a cycle to Halstead and then to Goddington Park for my run. I haven't looked at a sprint Tri in an actual organised event yet but will do so after tomorrow. It will either kill me or I will want to go ahead and enter one. I have expressed an interest in the London Tri for next year. Don't worry too much about your speed or technique if you enter a super sprint or sprint a lot of the people will be complete beginners. It's all about finishing. As with c25k times are not as important as the doing it. I only graduated in May and have never run before so if I can do it literally anyone can.

I am able to cycle to work a couple of days so that helps with my training and then I run Mon, Wed and Sat and swim sundays. Winter will be a challenge but I am sure I will go through it ok. Good luck with your training!


Good luck. Let us know how it goes!


I certainly will.


Super Sprint went ok. Took 1hr 2mins for me to complete it and although it was hard I can see where I need to make some improvements. Still got lots of time to improve which is good. Time splits were swimming 9.37 cycling was 36.31 and run was 16.57. I felt pretty heavy legged (sic) on the run but still for a first attempt I was quite happy. I know there are others out there that are much faster but this was a culmination of losing the best part of 80 pounds. So overall all a nice sleep tonight will be welcome!


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