end of post grad week 1 run

wow how tough was that! don't know if it was the route or running on my own or the weather, just generally knacked nearly on my knees when I finished this run, hope Mondays run out is even a tad better :-(

I read somewhere it takes 12 weeks for something to become habit, well this is week 10 or do we start counting from the end in which case week 1?


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10 Replies

  • Well done though Tor, you got out there. I haven't run for almost a week due to an injury and already I'm freaking out!! We just have to KEEP AT IT!

  • thanks an oh no, sorry to hear that, hope you are able to get back out there soon, I don't think I could not go out now, even if it is head down 1...2...3...4 :-)

  • I am about a week ahead of you, Tor and the runs are still up and down for me too. Yeah, there is a good one coming soon. I just keep reminding myself of what I was capable of in mid June and now I am pushing 6k. I still can't quite believe it. Tomorrow I am off to do my first park run and get an accurate idea of my pace.

    I feel for you Dan. I would hate to stop for a week. It must be so frustrating. Get well soon.

  • Congrats, hope the parkrun went well, with work I cannot get to one :-( the elusive golden run is somewhere out there :-)

  • I'm a run behind you.........and I totally get what you're saying! It's been seriously muggy this week, but I really haven't enjoyed my post grad runs as much as my C25K runs.......not sure why that is.........I was lucky that I really enjoyed every run during week 8 and 9, they were tough, but I loved them. Maybe I am in the 'lost without a goal' category.........I ran with a buddy tonight, which was good, but I did the last 3/4 mile on my own and it was relentless, I was VERY close to giving up.........without Laura I felt I didn't have anyone to 'achieve for' if that makes sense? I didn't take my ipod, so ran 'naked' for the last bit, which may have been the issue, nothing to zone out with..........but yea, it's weird. I'm still getting the 'post run high' - it was tough and i nearly quit, but man am I glad I saw it through, till the end: maybe it's just a bad week for me and you, and nothing to do with the post C25K thing!!!!!!!!!

  • yup that makes sense! I think that's why the club runs are so good, here's to a much better week :-)

  • Oh, and in my opinion, we start counting from week 1!!!!! This is definitely a habit I intend to keep!!!!!!!!!!

  • I found serveral of my post grad runs pretty scrappy - and did sort of go backwards and took a good few weeks to consolidate. However, I always told myself whatever the run - a bad run is better than no run. I am about three months on and still have scrappy days when 10 mins feel like a slog. But happy I am out there doing it. Keep at it and happy running:-)

  • think I will just do that too, I enjoy being out there it feels so right, and hey for every bad run there is a fantastic run around the corner :-)

  • Thanks Guys, went back out today , will blog :-)

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