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Week 4 - struggling

I missed last week out completely - didn't run at all! Really annoyed with myself, just felt really tired and had no energy - couldn't drag myself out of bed even though I was awake early. Usually run at 7am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and was looking forward to tackling week 4. Need a kick up the backside or something to motivate me again. Can't do other times - too busy with work, family etc so early mornings normally fits in really well with my life but not last week. Any tips on how to get motivated again? Thanks. I also swim 50 lengths twice a week and do zumba on Mondays but didn't do any of that last week either :( - not happy with myself!!

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No I wouldn't be either. I think you need a kick up the arris!

Right! You just got a swift kick up t'bum so get out there and do that run. Go on, get out and do it and don't come back here til it's done

Go on, go!


thank you :)


Here is a swift kick up the bum from me too! :-D every now and then we all need one don't we! Just get out there and do it! Break the spell and run, swim do zumba before you get out of the routine! You will feel great when you know you've got back out there! :-)


You are right - it is about breaking the spell. My zumba class is tonight so I will start with that. Thanks for all the support guys :)


I was at a fete yesterday and folks were being invited to join a mass zumba session. Mams, dads, grandads and grannies, kids, pets. It was wonderful and such fun. We can all move our butts when we want to and it should be fun. It shouldn't be about blood, sweat and tears.


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