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Running Scared: Week 1 Done!

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Ah, I made it to Week 1 - this is significant because it's the most I have ever consistently run in my life's history. And so Week 1 ended in tears - the happy kind. Why? That despite all the excuses I came up with to not run and all the distractions - natural and self-made, I did it! That for three days in a week, I showed up. I showed up, for myself! That it would seem that I am slowly becoming that person I have always been to others but have failed miserably at becoming for just me. That was the first epiphany.

Then there was hope - the realization that maybe I am not a lost cause and that I can ACTUALLY do it. The road (and ensuing miles) ahead of me will be long and full of bends, but if there's anything this first week has taught me, it is that I will be there. I will be there to slowly practice my purpose and build myself up. I got a teeny taste of that runner's high, and it tasted good. I cannot wait to gobble it all up once I reach the right attitude. The overarching goal is to replace the destructive highs I get from other unhealthy things with this wholesome kind of high.

The first run was sponsored solely by self-will and determination. By the second run, I had run out of those and was doing it because I really wanted to get a dose of that high. See, I am an addict to myself, so it makes sense to switch one bad addiction for another one. Even my brain seems to want this too.

So here's to keeping it simple and consistent. Thanks for every one of you who replied to my first post. You are partly responsible for keeping me going.

I look forward to your support as I roll (or more aptly, slug) into Week 2.

Affectionately yours,


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Awww this is so good! Well done, you! You did it: you showed up and did it and not just on sheer willpower! Every journey begins with a step and you’ve taken thousands of steps already!

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MosibylGraduate in reply to deadandalive

And thank you for everything!!!

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It’s as if I had written your post, it all resonates with me, self belief is a wonderful tonic, you’re doing amazing!! Just imagine how you’re going to feel when you’ve completed week 2 😁

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MosibylGraduate in reply to Deepestblue

Ah, I cannot wait! Thank you very much.

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Well done on your success.

This guide to mental approach may help you get it all in perspective

Plenty of good times ahead.

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MosibylGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

You are amazing! I read this and I found it deeply encouraging. Another thing about fear that I realized while reading your post was that fear ceases its grip when we know someone who's overcome that same fear we have. So with this in mind, I know that I got this, whatever comes my way.

And I have you and other community members to thank for this.

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deadandaliveGraduate in reply to Mosibyl

Wow, thanks for sharing that insight. That’s something to keep in mind in so many other areas of life. Thanks!

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If you have an addictive personality then this is a great, and very safe, place to be. Well done you for getting through week 1. Stick with it: we’re all right here with you x

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MosibylGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Oh yeah. I am a creature of habits and the same goes for my addictive personality too. I am waiting for the day I finally get to completely switch every one of them with running! Thanks and I see you!

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Mosibyl

All the best with it. Looking forward to seeing you progress x

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