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Week 5, run 3 - 20 minutes done!!!

Well I won't pretend I didn't feel like stopping several times - but I didn't give in to the temptation, and I completed the full 20 minute run.

I even upped my pace for the last minute or so.

Sadly I just crept over the 6 minutes per kilometre mark by 5 seconds, which is really frustrating!

But 3.29 kilometres in 20 minutes is encouraging, I think. Plenty of time to improve on pace.

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Whoo-hoo! Great time and distance in my opinion! Congrats on acing the dreaded 20!!!! :-) Gayle


Thanks - it does feel good!


Well Done Slideman!! Who'd have thought my man running off with my BFF would end so well! ;-)


Well Laura says such nice things to me. And I know it's only me she says it to......!


Well, to be fair, I have rather abandoned her recently...


Great run, Slideman! Very good time too. :)


Not bad. But can do better........



Oh yeah..you have done great Slideman..keep up the good work, you will be where you want to be in no time!


Thanks. I hope so!


Well done on that first long run for me that one was the biggest of the mental challenges!! Keep up the good work and you will soon have your green badge!


Ha ha - had to delete my precious comment because I wrote something embarrassingly stupid :P What I originally said was:

Well done - we knew you could do it :) The pace will come later. [All good so far]

Then I wrote: Never mind about the 6km/hr barrier - you will break through that next time.

6km/hr??? :D :D :D What I meant to say was 6 mins/km. I'm going to go for a coffee now. I think I need one.

all the best with your next run!


Sometimes it feels like I'm only running 6km/hr!

Thanks for making me laugh though!



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