Brain is stopping me


I am due to do W5R3 on Friday which means running for 20 minutes. I did 8 minute runs today and felt so happy and emotional after completing it, it freaked me out a bit.

I have never stuck to any health plan for this long before, and feel really pleased (although not lost as much weight as I thought I would) but right now the idea of running 20 minutes without stopping just seems ridiculous. I keep saying no way, I won't be able to do it.

Any ideas of how to stop the negative mantra so I don't chicken out on Friday morning?




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  • Don't over-think it! Just do it!!!!!!

    Don't expect much weight loss, it is only week 5. These things take time but it's so worth the effort, so stick at it.

    The programme is progressive. If you have done the sessions then you will be prepared. Have faith in yourself and the programme.

    Crack on!

  • No one thought they could run for 20 minutes! All you can do is to start running at a slow and steady pace and breathe well. The programme has prepared u physically and mentally to do it. We are proof that it can be done. Tell yourself, if you stop, you will have to do it again! Also that you have told all of us you are doing it, failing is not an option! If I did it, u can. I graduated and run three 30 minute sessions a week, no way I can do it, but I did! πŸ˜† Julie

  • You can do it Row - I did W5 last week and actually really enjoyed R3 (I didn't know what was coming, so hadn't had the pre-run jitters). Sounds like you are really getting into it and enjoying it - so I'm sure you'll be fine. Keep it steady :-)

  • I actually enjoyed W5R3 more than I enjoyed the first two in Week 6! All that stopping and starting again! Can't wait now til W6R3, even if I'm a bit apprehensive!

  • Yep... you can do it... wish I had a Β£1 for everyone (including me) who thought they would struggle with the 20min run and then wonder what they were worried about after they complete it :-)

  • Yeah, I thought the same - no way can I run for 20 minutes. Then I thought, hang on - how about proving to myself and saying "I can do this". And I did. I hope you do too :-D

  • I echo everyone else we have all had different struggles along our journeys and we probably all had same doubts creep I. From time to time. However you read the posts from our friends on here they have all pushed through and achieved things they never dreamed of before C25K πŸ˜€ Keep going and give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements so far.

  • And you will find this is something worth sticking to unlike other fitness programs I have tried so many this works xx go for it Mel

  • I actually had sleepless nights about this run, but set off anyway thinking I could just do the 8 min runs again if necessary but once I got beyond 8 mins I found I might as well just keep going. Remember, you have been carefully prepared to do the run and if you go slow enough it is definitely do-able. Good luck, you can do it.

  • Get out there and do it! Well done to what you've achieved already!πŸ˜€

  • half the battle is the mental side of this. physically you can do it as that is how the program works ,each week/run building for you the next .

    Pretty much everyone looks at week5 run3 and baulks at it and pretty much everyone does it and gets a real buzz from it :D

    Look at what you have done already and change that mantra to " I can do " use what you have already done and achieved :D

  • Hi Mel!

    Woop woop, you are doing fab!

    Just go for it with a positive mind set of "I can do this" We've all been there and know how you're feeling, but you can do this!

    I didn't so much notice weight loss, but a change in body shape, the top of my legs are slimmer than ever before, all thanks to a careful diet and running. You will probably start to notice a change in body shape as well. As the times increase you may notice some weight loss then.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on! :-D

  • I agree with misswobble - just go for it! If you have completed the other runs, then you will be fine, but don't give in to those gremlins! Lots of luck!πŸ˜€

  • Just go for it! I felt exactly the same as you but just trust in the plan, you *are* ready for it!

  • It may be more helpful to learn to just 'be with' those feelings rather than try to fight them - accept that you have them but accept they are just thoughts and need not guide what you actually do.

    After all, most of us regularly experience at least part of most runs thinking "I can't do this/I hate this/my legs are like lead/whatever" and learn that it means nothing.

  • You can do it. Visualise that moment when laura tells you to stop running.

    Positive thoughts. You can and you will do .

    Trust the programme. Tis the best thing that happened to me. Changed ma and my life.

    Oh and the weight, don't worry, I can't lose it but have shrunk quite a bit. Not in height πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Jules xxx

  • I agree with miss wobble. Often I think the thing through too much and have given myself plenty of excuses. I'm better if I just lace up and go, it's never as bad as I think and often it's really good and I remember how much I love it. You will do it ...just head out slowly, have no expectations and open your mind......

    Best of luck, and just think of all the other c25kers that are out there, facing their demons and doing it aren't alone!!

    Ps if I could do definitely can

  • Oh my goodness, what a totally overwhelming response from everyone! Thank you so much for all your warm, supportive comments, I'm feeling the love πŸ˜€

    I've never been on a forum like this, I can see why people find them so supportive.

    I am going to take your advice, and think positively and remember that you all have been at this point and you all got through it, knowing that none of you dropped dead at the 19th minute is quite encouraging!

    I went to Sweat Shop on Monday and bought a proper pair of trainers. I was really nervous I thought I'd stick out like a sore thumb but the guy was lovely and said he's seen loads of C25kers. So I now have a very flash pair of trainers, which are really comfy, but the fact they cost an arm and leg is the best incentive to use them!

    If I don't drop dead, I'll let you all know how I got on πŸ˜€

    Thanks again everyone xx

  • You've already put in all the hard work getting to this point. Keep it slow and steady and you'll be fine. Just think of how far you've come since W1!!

  • Hi, I've been putting week 5 run 3 off, however what I have been doing is adding a minute to the first 8 mins so I do run a little further. Today I will add 2 mins. Yes it's going to take longer but at least I'm not putting myself off. I only move up if I'm ready. It's took me 9 month to get to week 5 lol, probably need a medal for taking as long lol. I too am overweight. Still obese but 5 stone lighter than when I started. Although I do circuit training and have completely changed my diet too. Still have quite a lot to lose. I was so unfit when I started, in fact I was virtually immobile. So anything is progress. Good luck with it xx

  • Wow! That's great that you have tailored it to suit you better. When I've tried running or gym before, I've always gone at it like a madwoman for a few weeks and then given up. The way this app works has been brilliant for me, pacing myself and having Laura say encouraging things is so motivating, I actually feel like she's talking to me personally πŸ˜…

    I can't believe you have come so far. I'm not officially overweight, I have a healthy BMI, but I'm a stone more than I used to be and I hate that my clothes don't fit anymore. It's really inspired me knowing that you've done it and you've had so much more to overcome, thank you for sharing xx

  • You can do it!! I freaked the first time and walked but did it the second time by going just a little bit slower. I also changed my music which was refreshing. It is mind over matter. Someone once said on this forum it is just putting one step in front of another and keep going. The sense of pride you will have when you do it will be overwhelming I promise.

  • This is a great post and lots of inspiring, wonderful replies. I empathise very much - it's W5R3 tomorrow for me too. The 8 minute runs were surprisingly OK so I'm feeling confident about tomorrow but worried it may be overconfidence! My weight isn't falling much either but I'm using a different hole on my trouser belt which tells me I'm making a bit of progress. Good luck to both of us tomorrow!!!!

  • How did you get on?

  • It was brilliant. Couldn't believe I could do 20 minutes. Amazingly I could have gone on for longer. So pleased it went well for you.

  • That's great! I felt like that too. I found myself speeding up at the chorus of songs!

    I imagine tomorrow might feel a bit weird with a break in between but I guess it's to stop you from overdoing it.

    Looking forward to graduation 😊

  • Haha, I've not got music sorted yet. I got through W5R2 trying to memorise Beethoven!! No day off for me, W6 starts tomorrow.

  • Yea week 6 starts tomorrow for me too. I meant there is a break in the run. The total run time is 18 minutes and there are walks in between.

    Good luck, we'll keep in touch 😊

  • And another run completed - inside on my treadmill after work. Day 2 on Wednesday. How did you get on?

  • Hi

    How did you get on with R3? I found the first two runs of week 6 quite tough, maybe it was the euphoria of the 20min run had worn off?

    I was amazed and delighted that I did the 25minutes, I was quite slow but sped up at the end.

    No more breaks for us now, scary and exciting!

    Good luck this week x

  • Hi Row, well done. We both got through Week 6. Did Run 1 on my treadmill but it was very boring. And just after 6.00 am this morning I did W7R1. After a weekend enjoying golf, food and wine, it was a bit tough but I got through it. It's a nice thought than I can have a rest tomorrow! Keep it up!!

  • That's great to know you'll be running it too, I'll be thinking of you!

    I've always run in the morning but for the first time tomorrow I can't, so that's going to feel a bit weird. It will be a good test for me though. I've been on a sabbatical for three months which has meant I've had the time to focus on getting healthy. When I go back to work in two weeks, it will be a real challenge because I will be running after work in the evening, and when I've tried before I've always been too tired. My husband is going to run with me in the evening and make sure I put my trainers on as soon as I get in, and stop me collapsing on the couch!

    Good luck! X

  • Ignore the gremlins! You will find that it is a bit like doing a long exam in school. Normally you are used to having breaktime at 10.30 or whatever it happened to be, but if you had a long test, you didn't have the breaktime, but because you knew you weren't getting it you didn't miss it! It is the same with the 20 minute run - trust me! Because you know you are not getting a break you will not miss it - most people are actually thrown more by W6D1 when you have breaks again - be more wary of that on than W5D3!

  • That's exactly how I felt but you'll do itπŸ˜ƒ!! Then you'll feel fantastic. The first bit was the worst for me with the mind games but I kept telling myself that I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other as I have done so far. FAR harder in mind than body for me but just don't stop. Let us know how it goes. You'll be SO pleased with yourself πŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸ

  • I'm actually a little bit envious of all of you going for W5R3 It's a pivotal moment in the plan and the euphoria afterwards is amazing ! Just go nice and slow it doesn't matter how slow, relax and enjoy the moment ! :)

  • You can do it!!!! When I went out, I just set out to do the best I could. At some point, I realized that I was approaching my limit and needed to stop. I thought I would check my phone to see what time I was stopping at. Lo and behold, I had 28 seconds left. I was able to finish. If I can do it, so can you. Be prepared to celebrate afterwards.

  • You guys are making me feel excited about exercise! What a totally alien feeling for me!

    When I finished 8mins yesterday I felt a bit sick, like when I started, but it passed before the end of the cool down. Hope I won't collapse in a heap of vomit after 20 😬

  • My friend once told me, "unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going." I use this as my mantra now lol. It sometimes helps! You will be fine tho! If I did it, everyone can. I was overweight (still am, a good bit!), unfit, and never thought I'd be able to run 10 minutes, let alone 20.

    Be positive! Focus on the finish and how good you'll feel at achieving!

    But remember, if you have to stop or slow down, not to feel defeated. Tomorrow is another day and you can have another go! It's not a contest :)

  • You really can do it. Just go slow, pace yourself, and enjoy it! I never thought I'd manage it, but I did! Once you get going, your body sort of gets into a momentum of its own and keeps you moving. Slow and steady. You don't need to be fast, you just need to do the 20 minutes, even if you're only moving a little faster than a brisk walk!

    You can do it!

  • All the very best for the run tomorrow!!

  • How did it go???? This is my next run and I must admit, I'm terrified of 'failing'! The 8 minute ones in W5D2 tonight left me feeling quite puffed!!

  • It was amazing! Just before I started, I reminded myself that I had run 2x8 minutes in the previous run, so really this was only an extra 4 minutes!

    The encouragement from Laura really helps me, and rather than feeling like I couldn't carry on, I felt ecstatic! Having a coach (even if it's just an app) really makes a difference; no wonder celebs are so fit!

    My calves ached a bit afterwards and I felt tired but I was buzzing with pride.

    I can't believe that five weeks ago, I could barely run for one minute.

    Best of luck for yours, you can do it! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  • *calfs* ached. I definitely wasn't running with baby cows ☺️

  • Well done. Week 6 starts tomorrow!

  • Well done! You are human like the rest of us and you are MAGNIFICENT!

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