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A bit fed up today :/

I am doing w3 second time through as I don't feel ready for that 5mins in w4. So far I've managed to run 3 of the 4 w3 runs relatively ok - Today was r5 and a complete disaster.

Humid, hot n sweaty. Felt I was struggling n tired. Fed up now :(

Will do another w3 run on Thursday but do I face w4 on Sunday?

How do you know when you are ready for the next step?

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We all have good running days and worse days and certainly I can rarely attribute a reason to the difference. However, the program is quite progressive and generally if you were able to complete all three runs of one week then you should be ready to move on to the next week.

Obviously the situation is different if you are injured or otherwise unusual but so long as you take the runs slowly then having completed W3 twice you should be very much ready to move on to W4.

I think you will find it's more of a mental issue of what you "feel" you can do, rather than what your body can take. Tell yourself that after 6 W3 runs you are going to go out and nail w4r1 - and you will. Just take it slow and keep it going - one step at a time.



Hi, don't be down - there are always bad run days for all of us.

The programme is cleverly structured and has got thousands of us through, so have faith! If you have run all three runs in week 3 okay, then you are ready to move on and don't let the gremlins tell you otherwise.

And if you can't do the 5 minute run first go, just stick at it until you can. You won't know until you try....


Yes it is sticky out there today. I'm just back from a run and I had no energy whatsoever so it's not just you! Take a rest day and forget about today and I bet you'll be fine on Thursday. You are doing the right thing by repeating weeks if you feel you should. There is no hurry so just take your time and enjoy the programme!


Thanks for all your support and advice. This forum is so helpful and lovely. Great to hear your thoughts as you've all been through it do can talk from experience. I will go Thursday as a w3 then aim to nail w4r1 with positive head on and two days rest before on Sunday!! Or at least do my best.

Thanks guys :D


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