Completed First Running Event

Completed First Running Event

Hurrayyyyy... finally..... at lasst.. I COMPLETED MY FIRST RUNNING EVENT. 3K Run.

I completed week 7 of C25K... came across a event happening in my city and thought of giving it a try.... why not....?

So here I am.... A Finisher....

Thank you all lovely people for keeping me motivated through your posts and updates.

I have another event coming up on 11 Oct 2015... Will be running 5K......

My Beautiful Love Story.....

Nike, You and the Road.... Run Run Run Run

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  • Wow well done you!Your first race and medal, such a lovely moment. 3K is a nice distance, good luck with your 5K X

  • Well done, that's it now you know, you have to collect more bling and photos and race numbers....... 5K next.....then where........


  • thanks... already registered for 5K on 11 Oct... and having an International Marathon here in Pune, India. Aiming for 10k in December 2015.

  • Many Congratulations to you ! You never forget your first race , happy memories :-)

    All the very best of luck to you for the rest of the programme and your next event

    Whereabouts are you if you don't mind me asking ? :-) xxx

  • Pune, India... :)

  • Wow! Go you!!!! Well done. That will keep you motivated to keep on running. Go steadily now, take care!

  • Well done - you haven't even graduated but you've run your first race ! Enjoy the moment!

  • Thanka a lot Ullyrunner...

  • Congratulations, and well done for just going for it. Nice bling,

  • thanks buddy... :)

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