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Completed First Running Event

Hurrayyyyy... finally..... at lasst.. I COMPLETED MY FIRST RUNNING EVENT. 3K Run.

I completed week 7 of C25K... came across a event happening in my city and thought of giving it a try.... why not....?

So here I am.... A Finisher....

Thank you all lovely people for keeping me motivated through your posts and updates.

I have another event coming up on 11 Oct 2015... Will be running 5K......

My Beautiful Love Story.....

Nike, You and the Road.... Run Run Run Run

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Wow well done you!Your first race and medal, such a lovely moment. 3K is a nice distance, good luck with your 5K X


Well done, that's it now you know, you have to collect more bling and photos and race numbers....... 5K next.....then where........



thanks... already registered for 5K on 11 Oct... and having an International Marathon here in Pune, India. Aiming for 10k in December 2015.


Many Congratulations to you ! You never forget your first race , happy memories :-)

All the very best of luck to you for the rest of the programme and your next event

Whereabouts are you if you don't mind me asking ? :-) xxx


Pune, India... :)

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Wow! Go you!!!! Well done. That will keep you motivated to keep on running. Go steadily now, take care!


Well done - you haven't even graduated but you've run your first race ! Enjoy the moment!


Thanka a lot Ullyrunner...


Congratulations, and well done for just going for it. Nice bling,


thanks buddy... :)


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