Week 6 - Done

I am tucking the weeks off and enjoying every step I take. I must admit Week 6 Run 3 was a little tough but hopefully Week 7 will sort that out. Now I am a 'runner' I have invested in a pair of New Balance Vazee Rush trainers and will do my first run in those tomorrow. Slight niggle is my right knee which I did break a couple of years ago but I will listen to my body and also book an appointment with my physiotherapist for some tips.

I am not at the stage where I look forward to running but I love the feeling of satisfaction when I finish, walking home with a broad grin on my face.

Have a good weekend especially if you are running.


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  • Well done! Enjoy the new shoes!

  • Well done for completing Week 6, you've come a long way - not long now until you Graduate.

    It's become a bit of a tradition on here to post a pic of your new shoes so can we see them please?

  • Well done Helein but where's the photo of the new shoes?!

  • Try some flex and stretch exercises and also rest ur knee, be careful not to make it worse

  • Hmmm just completed a 5k Nordic Walk and new trainers are painful. Think these may have to be returned. Shame as I like them. Will post pic once home. Potentially lots of pics will be posted. I have difficult feet to fit. I had full gait analysis but toes are numb, not a good sign...

  • well done Helein enjoy your new shoes :D

  • Nice one Helein! I just did w7r1 this morning having done w6r3 and I felt a bit daunted by it initially. But it's reassuring to think, as week 7 is the same 25 minutes all through the week, that I've done it once before, I did again today and can only hope to improve.

    Equally, as I still did find it tough, I told myself it was ok if I didn't quite get to 25 minutes this time. Take it easy and be kind to yourself - but know you can do it :)

    Shame about your shoes. I had something similar and I think it was because they were too small/tight. Hope you can get it sorted :)

  • Well done! Maybe use a knee support? New balance, good shoes, I have 2 pairs, may get another pair for trails

  • I have been advised to keep the trainers for another 14 days and see how I get on. So I will wear them on alternate runs and see what happens. First the blisters need to heal.

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