Got to 4K and feeling happy ;-)

I graduated a few weeks a go but was nowhere near 5k. My last run wasn't that great as I stopped running after 16 mins. Today I just kept running for longer than the 30 mins because I felt I should make up for the last one. I got to 35 mins when I stopped and then realised I'd just hit the 4k mark for the first time. Only 1 more K to go....

I've also learnt that the best time for me to run is in the morning. When I run at lunchtime or in the afternoon I find I give up easier and feel the pain more. Also running in the morning means when I have a good result like today it puts me in a good mood for the whole day. I've been feeling really alive and awake today and healthy.

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  • Hi Sezza - I graduated a few months ago and although I can do 5k it's a mixture of running and walking and I haven't yet managed it in under 37 minutes (something to aim for!). So all I can say is just keep going and you'll get there in the end. I run in the morning too at the weekends and you're right, it does set you up for the day. Shame I can't do it in the mornings during the week (well, I could, but don't fancy getting up at 5 and running in the dark).

    Happy running!

  • Nearly there, well done xx

  • Hi Sezza, I also graduated recently and haven't got to 5K in 30 yet - it feels quite far away but we shall get there eventually :) well done on reaching 4K!

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