Just applied for my graduate badge!

So happy that I have completed the plan. Started in June but had to stop a couple of times because of injuries, but finally made it. My running times are definitely more on the plodding side of running (pace, 9 min per km) but I can run 5k!! I just moved on to to 10k version of the plan, which has me back to walk, run but this time over a 1hour period. I find that I definitely like the structure of a plan. Thanks a million to all who post on this site. The support and tips have really helped to keep me going.

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  • Well done you- in the face of adversity you got there! Hurrah! and a plan for going forward too :) It sounds as though you're not going to allow yourself to be worried about pace, perfect! :)

  • Thank u!

  • well done, big congrats , the badge looks great up there by your name

  • Many congratulations to you. Running continuously for 30 minutes is a great achievement. And it sounds like you have plans for your future running!

  • Well done Tourm! Congratulations. Stick with the running and you'll build up nicely til you're at 10k and beyond

    Build up gradually, over time, don't be in a hurry. You have to improve your all-over fitness before you start seeing your running getting quicker. You'll notice how much fitter you'll become, but you need to grow slowly

    Have fun!

  • Well done. I hope this continues to be a positive part of your life from here on. Sounds like a good idea planning for some next goal, but gently does it (as you probably know very, very well by now).

  • Many congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations on graduating and good luck with the next stage of your running journey!

  • Thanks very much for all the kind comments. Loving seeing that graduate badge by my name!

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