Badge applied for. No applause please. Well, go on then!

Yay, completed W9R3 on the trotmill and managed to get 5k in 31.28 It would have been slower but I didn't have the strength left to turn it down a notch.

This is my last indoor run until I can achieve the same time outside. I have a 5k loop mapped out, with one or two hills (unavoidable around here), so will just work on getting that done to start with. Or is there a better plan?

Right, just off to cast off the podium I was knitting, stand the medal awarding Seb Coe cut out in position, put Chariots of Fire music on and prepare to receive my badge.

I know it's already been said, but isn't this just an amazing programme :) :) :)


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57 Replies

  • Thank you KK007, feels really marvellous. Well it does now I have finished!

  • Ha ha great post Slooks ! I just knew your write up would be very funny, take a bow ! :-)

    Congratulations on your graduation , very well done to you on this marvellous achievement . Oh you will love running outside , it really is the dogs, fresh air, scenery , what more could you ask for hey ? :-)

    Hope you have lots of happy running adventures :-) xxx

  • Would love to bow but everything has seized up and I would need the fire brigade to get me back up again. It must get easier, right?

    Joking really. Feeling really great and just a teensy bit proud.

    Thank you for your support PP - really helped.

  • Ha ha ! You should be very very proud of yourself ! Youre a superstar Slooks :-) xxx

  • Look, look, it's there, the badge! I WON SOMETHING! That hasn't happened since the school disco back in the 1970s when my raffle number came up and I won a bag of HulaHoops. Alas, that was the high point of the evening.

  • Whoa, Im blinded by the dazzle from that shiny badge :-)

    Hula Hoops ? They could have gone to the expense of a bag of Cheesy Wotsits , and you didn't cop off either , pah , unlucky :-) xxx

  • Yay!!! Congratulations!! Welcome to the club!

  • Ooooh club membership as well as a badge! This is a big day indeed. Thank you!

  • A big applause...CONGRATULATIONS!...welcome to the class of graduates! :)

    I graduated 2 weeks ago and I have begun doing the great outdoors, too. Most of my land is flat but I can find hills if I want them (UGH!)

  • Flat sounds lovely to me. Really can't wait to get outside though. I have been staring at the shed door now for 9 weeks while plodding along and a change of view will be lovely.

  • My nickname for the treadmill was the was so boring, but at least at my gym, I could look out the window and see the parking lot and people walking by. But, if you want to do 5ks, you really need to do outdoor running. The treadmill is a whole different kind of beast. I will probably have to use it in the winter when there is snow on the ground, but I plan on running outdoors no matter how cold it is.

  • Thanks GinBin, you are absolutely right. I have been out a couple of times and it is so much harder to move without the false shove from the 'deadmill' (love the name). So, from here it is outdoors until I can catch up with my indoor self!

  • I began the C25k over and began with Week 2. I am figuring that it is like learning how to run all over again but on a different turf. Since I know I have the stamina, I am thinking that my times/distance will be a little better. I'm thinking about using my regular C25k app (not the podcasts) and use my own music.

  • Great idea. I did manage 30 mins continuous outside last time and made it to 4k. Would love to think I could improve that to a 30m 5k outside. But listen to me ... I have only just managed to complete W9!

  • Hey - the 'only' word should be banned ;) I do 4k in 30mins - will build it up but it's exactly 4k further than I ran before C25K :)

  • Apologies, the 'only' word will be edited out. And before I started c25k it was an effort to rush to the loo! (Just to clarify, gentle reader, I could run that far, but not much further. Just to clear up any misunderstandings there was no clearing up).

  • Ha ha good one ;)

  • Hey, many many congratulations, Slookie :) That graduate badge looks particularly spiffing. I'm really liking the idea of a cut out Seb Coe handing out the medals these days. :)

  • Thanks AM, I am just so thrilled. Wish I had found c25k sooner! The last 9 weeks have been a swingometer of 'Ooooh aren't I great' then 'Agggghh I am so cr@p' then 'Oooooh I am great again' then 'Aghhh...' You get the picture!

    But today it feels like I have been eating all the blue Smarties. :)

  • That's about as good a description of c25k as I've ever heard lol :D

  • Whoooo! Well done you!!! Love trotmill! Ha haaa!!!

  • Ah thanks ToonLou. I think GinBin's 'deadmill' sums it up a bit better. But I'm allowed out now! Yippee :)

  • Ha! That's good too! Yeah I'm waiting til graduating to head out doors too! Let us know how it goes! Good luck!!

  • Wey hey !! Whoop whoop , awesomeness - congratulations :)

  • Merci from Blighty

  • Congratulations Graduate Slookie :) high 5's on a great achievement!

  • Aw thanks JaxMc Can I have low 5's please. Can't stretch until tomorrow at earliest!

  • Low 5's it is :) a nice little recovery run or a little swimming for you maybe just the tonic after today's victory!

  • Hoorraaaayyyy!!!!!!

  • Thanks Clara. So thrilled and helped a lot by the encouragement of others here.

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud of yourself!

  • Thanks UllyRunner. As proud as a very proud thing with a grin even wider than my sit-upon :)

  • Well done and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you can still move ok, at least to get a beer/wine to celebrate maybe? i had large baileys and some choccy on graduation day! looking forward to your outdoorsy posts!! :)

  • Ooooooh, Baileys! My fave. Thanks Aliboo, still moving (though I have developed a couple of creaks). Right, back in a mo, just going to dredge the cupboard for the Baileys .....

  • good idea! i ran out ages ago but on the summer Pimms now!! :)

  • Ah, I haven't been able to manage Pimms not since that day at Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago. The trouble is, it's like pop and when the weather is lovely ...

    I am contrite and made a vow to the great Bog God during one of those headstands - Bog understands so much better if your head is upside down - never to trouble the Pimms again. I made a similar vow to the great Bog God about vodka many years ago. In fact Baileys is pretty much the only thing left. ;)

  • Like the bog god concept! I'm the same with Southern Comfort!!!!!!!! hope you find something as a reward!! :)

  • Hurrah, well done and enjoy seeing the badge every time you log on.

  • Ah, thanks Rosebery. I will be polishing it regularly! Thanks for the encouragement along the way.

  • Congratulations - its a wonder feeling graduating !!! Enjoy the applause and take a bow - you did it!! Just don't celebrate too heavy on the vino (says she who guzzles it like water -well its a bit rude to say no when you are in Chile)

    Happy running !!

  • Thanks Vixchile. I like this run every other day cos that means wine on alternate days! This is one of those days :)

  • OOh, well done Slookie :D I cannot wait to join you. and yes, Isnt it an absolutely Fabulous programme Darlink? ;) lol

  • Thank you SG. Best accidental Gooble I ever did! Won't be long before you are on W9R3 too.

  • Well done! It is an amazing feeling ;)

    A great achievement :) congratulations :)

    Happy running :)

  • Thanks Net68. Not quite at the happy while running stage, but certainly very happy afterwards! Spurred on and inspired by other members of this forum - a great place to hang out :)

  • Superb effort! Well done! Enjoy the post-graduation glow... it just gets better... :)

  • Thanks Aussie, it is a wonderful feeling, considering the starting point was an out of breath soggy mess after just a couple of minutes. Chuffed.

  • Congratulations on your graduation - I am impressed that you ran for that long on the trotmill (great name btw) - enjoy your running as you take it outside. Oh and pictures of this knitted podium please ;0)

  • Picture to follow (how do we insert piccies?). Obviously it won't be my podium 'cos I can't knit. Your moniker suggests you can run and knit? I struggle to run and hold onto a dog lead!

  • Clap clap clap... XX

  • Thanks CurlyGurly.

  • Well, you've finished the program, knitted the podium, got your medal and the raptuous applause so I proudly present you with the only thing missing..... a huge virtual bunch of flowers!


  • Oh thanks FrannyFran, I will hold them aloft while I do a lap of honour in the garden shed :)

  • Congratulations Slookie :) Enjoy basking in the glow of your shiny badge!

    I'm only 7 runs behind you, so will need the pattern for the knitted podium please!

  • Just a cube is needed for 1st place. No need for 2nd and 3rd place 'cos you will be the only star of this show. So plain/purl 6 squares in the colour of your choice (my rosette-red clashed horribly with Lord Coe's fuchsia donkey jacket).

    Tick those 7 runs off and look forward to consolidating those 30 min runs. It feels sooooo great. Afterwards!

  • It is indeed! Congrats! Bask in ur own greatness for a bit! U deserve it!

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