Post Graduation muck up πŸ˜•

Post Graduation muck up πŸ˜•

I graduated a week ago and was tempted to start a 10K programme and did the first week of it. That consisted of 4 x 10 minute runs broken with 1 minute recovery walks. Right through C25K I had no injuries at all. I had some general aches but a day or a couple of days rest sorted that out. However, I now have sore ankles, stiff legs and my left knee is sore too.

I stopped the 10k programme and did a 30 minute run today and it was hard to complete and I feel like I have gone backwards. Thinking I might take a week off running and maybe go back on my bike and start to build up again the following week with maybe 3 x 20 minute runs.

Feel really cross because I was doing so well before too.



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  • Never mind Joolie. Don't be in a hurry to do this. It is a step up so take your time and progress nice and slowly.

    Have you done the Stepping Stones podcasts yet? They would be a useful lead in to Bridge to 10 k. If not, download the 3 podcasts and get cracking. They will give you lots of runs if you mix and match them, run them random order as they crop up on your play list. Still with our Laura, so familiar

    When you've rested up of course

  • I have them already and will try them, will b great to run with Laura again! πŸ˜€

  • Don't be despondent Julie I too was plagued with injuries as I increased distance. I find core fitness is helping me 😁 Lots of squats lunges sit ups etc building strength in muscles I didn't even know the name of haha but it's working and I can comfortably run 10k not quick mind you .., 1 hr 17 mins but it's all running and no injuries. I bought stability trainers too as I run inwards !! Good luck and well done xx

  • You are right, strengthening my legs is going to help a lot, I will do some squats and stretches tomorrow, excited that I will be cycling again too! Julie

  • Lovely days to be out on the bike very refreshing and exhilarating makes me want to buy one again however I live in a valley so would be pushing it for at least a mile before I could manage a pedal ha ha enjoy xx

  • Aw don't be too downhearted about it Joolie .

    It took me over a year to do a 10k from graduating , and the first time I actually did the 10k distance was the day of my 10k race a year later :-)

    I suffered injuries trying to increasing my distance and in the end had to take some time off running.

    We are still all new runners and our strength needs to be built up to minimise all these niggly injuries .

    Have a rest up for a bit , then give it a go with the podcasts if you fancy it ,or just consolidate your 30 minute runs for a while :-)

    Good Luck , you will get there ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks everyone, as always so supportive, lots of great ideas and encouraging me to keep going 😍

  • You're still doing brilliantly. Instead of just hoping everything just magically improves, you are now experienced enough to immediately take steps to protect those connective tissues. They'll develop at their own rate, and some strength training is just what you want to nudge them along to a bit faster than glacial.

  • I had a backwards patch after graduating too. Also it took me rather long to realise the benefits of doing other exercises such as squats and crunches, and I also do specific exercises for my lower back now too. This all helps a lot. When I had my backwards bit, I reduced my distance down to 3.5k then increased very gradually 0.2k/week. Remember you're still a new runner. I think a consolidation period is important before building up to 10k, listen to your body, you will get there eventually :)

  • Ah sorry to hear that Joolie. I guess as recent graduates, our bodies haven't adapted as quickly as our fitness levels to running yet.

    Have a good rest and I am sure you will be right as rain afterwards and ready to start running again. As usual, Poppy looks to have offered very good advice and experience. :-)

  • I've a long way to go until I get there, but wanted to say not to rush to build up - although I think it might be tempting to keep want to progress pace/distance - and that it's nice to out a name to a face!

    I'm also intrigued to be picking up on this and other posts that a lot of people on here run and cycle so will have to keep an eye out about that. Maybe something for me in the future!

  • Don't be cross, you've got such a lovely face that I can't imagine it looking cross :)

    Give your pegs a couple of days rest; they were probably surprised by the return to intervals. And boot those gremlins out of the door with their overnight bags NOW.

    It takes a while to sort out what your next goal is after graduating - why don't you just enjoy the 5K for a while, and try to cut down the time if you need a goal? Or increase your distance by 10% for one run every week?

  • Why not try the Stepping Stones 5K+ podcasts, Julie? I graduated two weeks ago and have done the interval training podcast from this series, still with Laura. Not easy but certainly manageable. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, might check it out. Right now, just happy to do non stop 5k and a long run each week. Rebuilding fitness and confidence. Need to lose a stone I put back on which will help my running no end

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