Yay we did it :D

Yay we did it :D

I just completed my Week 1 Day 1 run. Now that I have rested and caught my breath back, and no longer looking like a bright red tomato, thought I'd check in.

My 14 year old son came with me and we took our dog, it went really well for the first 18 minutes, then I tripped over a stone in the woods And it pulled the front of my trainer apart :/ so from then on I had a flappy shoe hahha . My son found it hilarious. Other than that it went really well and I'm actually looking forward to my next one xx

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  • Well done for taking the first step! It's a wonderful journey, difficult at times but so rewarding at the end! I run with my 9 year old daughter, it's nice to have a bit of company, and I'm never one to miss an opportunity to embarrass her!!! Lol

  • Thank you, yes it was nice to have him there, although he talks far too much and I didn't have much breath to keep answering him haha, and it's our job to embarrass them ;)

  • well done, the 1st one is often the hardest :D time for some new running shoes?

  • Haha yes I will order some now ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Well done both of you. You will be lucky to keep a fourteen year old in sight as the weeks progress, but stick with it and you will never regret it.

  • Ha, yes I had to get him to slow down and wait for me :D and thank you, we are both really proud of taking the first step.

  • He is the perfect age to get the most out of parkrun in a few weeks time and it will give you the excuse to let him go at his own pace. good luck, keep us posted.

  • Yes sounds perfect for him, and we will be regular posters :)

  • Brilliant ! Well done to both of you :-) xxx

  • Thanks :D so chuffed we got off our bums and did it, new trainers ordered and looking forward to Sunday for our next one. xx

  • Forgot to say its because we all get every excited about seeing new trainers

  • Well done to both of you. You know you will have to post a picture of your new trainers here.

  • Thank you. Hahhaa I will. I would post my flappy one's but they are long gone hehe.

  • Well done! Just read your previous posts, (and had to google like so many others) - so double well done, for raising awareness about Battens and for your first run! xx

  • Thank you, Just glad that more people are now a bit more aware of such a cruel Disease xx

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