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W3r1 I did it! With an audience!

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So I had plans to get up very early and run then, but I’m not an early bird and in fact, despite a 5.30am alarm call, left the house late.

So plan B was to run at a real life athletics stadium while my son was a junior athletics. Yes, no problem, they said, so I plugged in and went!

It was deserted bar myself and a very powerful looking lady wiggly walker (the kids were indoors as it was a bit damp 🤔). She was in lane 1 and I was in lane 8, we waved a couple of times as she overtook me 😂

It felt good! I liked the flat surface and the spotlights, must be the showboater in me. I had lines instead of trees to aim for. It felt particularly good to be outside getting rosy-cheeked instead of sitting for an hour waiting for a rosy-cheeked child.

3 minutes didn’t feel that hard! I can’t believe I said that. I mean, I was glad to slow to a walk but I was smiling and enjoying the running, even in the home straight with a headwind.

Amazing. Thank you C25k! Yay!

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Great running... a track is really wonderful to run on... lane 8 probably the best for us distance runners too. If you run it regularly, run the wrong way round too, although lane 8 isn’t as punishing as lane 1, our muscles do adapt to running the bend clockwise or anti-clockwise so avoid letting that happen. Enjoy your next one.

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ktsok in reply to UnfitNoMore

Have you done some track running in your time? I enjoyed it more than I thought I would - usually I have to negotiate hills, cattle grids and sheep shit so it was quite relaxing.

Run days and junior athletic days only coincide once a fortnight, so I don’t think I’ll get lopsided at that rate!

Have a funny vision of doing my normal route and veering off course into a ditch now :)

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to ktsok

Yeah... I used to be a 3000m runner... way back when.

Sounds like you’ll be just fine, and you’ll love a track session every couple of weeks.

Hope I am as successful as W3 run 1 is tomorrow. Well done buddy

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ktsok in reply to pottsie1972

Good luck potts! You’ll be fine :)

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Gosh, your first attempt at 3 minutes and it felt good - well done!

And that track looks amazing - I'm so envious!

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ktsok in reply to Tartancat

I know! I couldn’t quite believe I was running on a real athletics track, I would thoroughly recommend the experience :)

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