Two Bridges and a bit further

Two Bridges and a bit further

Long post alert!

For the last four months I have been running off and on just because I seem to have been picking up all the bugs that are going. Finally at the end of this LAST one (and it had better be just that. Really don't any more for a while) and wow! I am amazed! Last day of antibiotics today and feeling fine.

I figured after 3 walks this week and a couple of those being fairly long ones I might be in the frame for a good run this morning. Went out with no expectations and just followed my nose. And kept going. And going. Kept the pace slow and walked where and when needed. What a beautiful morning.

The straits were as still as the proverbial millpond as I ran under the Menai Bridge and the tide was in. As the dog walkers were out I gave Church Island a miss - narrow paths and all that - and headed towards the next section of coastal path. Still feeling good so carried on. There were birds in abundance and as I ran through the leaf strewn woods along the edge of the straits I could hear the curlews and oystercatchers with their unmistakable call as they flew along the shoreline. Back uphill again and under Britannia Bridge without detouring to say hello to the stone lions. Down past the chapel where the monument stands to those who died during the making of the bridge and out onto the beach and past Nelson gazing across the straits. Herons gliding effortlessly over the water and one stood on a rock so intent on fishing he was totally undisturbed by my running so close. Redshanks rising startled from their breakfast and flying off in alarm. It was one of those runs I just didn't want to end. Along the pebbly beach and up through the woods with steep steps that could only be walked. Back along the top road with views of the mountains peeping out from under the clouds. Glad I took this route and only did so to avoid the naughty school children smoking up the alley way I would have taken :D

And I am buzzing. A slow 9.2k but the furthest I have run in a very long time. I knew my body was strong enough but wasn't sure how well my lungs would cope. Coughed a bit and chest became tight when I stopped but that soon cleared so road to recovery here I come :D :D

The photo is of Britannia Bridge and Nelson from the pebbly beach. Taken on a different and much cloudier day but such a beautiful place :D


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15 Replies

  • Fantastic run, Hilbean. It's great when you can get out and just enjoy life, isn't it? Some days everything just seems to go right. It looks as if, for you, this was one of those special days.

  • Thanks Adam. It really was! Boy, have I missed those long runs.

  • Ahhh Hilbeanicus Runnicus. Amazing! Well done and glad you're back out putting one leg in front of the other,

  • Beautiful post Hilly, sounds perfect ! I am so glad you are feeling better and managing to get out there running again.

    I love your posts , you describe everything so wonderfully, and you really see nature at its best , a lady David Attenborough ! Ha ha

    Hey n'all, 9k is brilliant, definitely not to be sneezed at ( pardon the pun ! )

    Really enjoyed reading that Hilly , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • So pleased for you Hilly 9K is very respectable indeed! Here's to many more xx

  • That sounds fab!!

  • What a fabulous atmospheric post Hillie! I was almost there with you for a while. So glad you are feeling a bit better and managing to get out there and enjoy these glorious Autumn days.

  • You really do have the soul of a poet Hil, I love reading your posts.

    Fingers crossed you've seen the last of the lurgies for awhile, so you can enjoy your long runs again xx

  • Thanks. Now I've been to one of the the bridges over the Menai Strait, and have seen it better by far than as just a flash of structure over a windscreen (or less of a flash of structure out of a railway carriage window). I enjoyed the journey. Nice picture, too. I take it that's seaweed on those rocks? I hppe this is the end of these troubles you're having.

  • Nice part of the world isn't it :) Yes, it is seaweed. It was a very overcast day when I took this photo so not really seen at its best ;)

  • great post hilbean :) so pleased you had one of the runs where it just felt so good :D and from the sound of it a wonderful place to run

  • Oh gorgeous! I have run envy!

  • Sounds bliss. You keep running ☺

  • Hi Hils! Lovely photo! I was there year before last and loved the place

    Glad you're back and managing a long run. It must be such a relief to get that one under your belt. An inspirational place to run!!!

  • Thanks all. Can't believe it's almost a week since this post. I'm getting a bit lax at keeping up with things :o

    Been out a couple of times since and hopefully all is well now. Beautiful sunshine at the moment too without the suffocating heat so it's lovely running weather :D

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