Bad planning and a beautiful day

Seems like yesterday was a lovely day for lots of people's running. We dared to cross the bridge and headed on to the mainland. A lovely drive through the mountains and then out to the site for the Race for Life. Thought I'd give it a go and had checked out the map. Without knowing the start and turnaround points I just did a quick work out of what I thought would give me the right distance before we left. Lovely flat run right on the sea shore with views across the straits to Anglesey and the sun shining on a lovely calm day.

Everything was going well and I got into a nice steady pace. Got to the bend in the road and turned around to head back. Checked my stopwatch and thought I must be having a slow run but no matter it was a beautiful day and I was enjoying it. Checked the stopwatch again and 40 minutes had gone and no sign of my start point! What's a girl to do? Either way I still had to get back there and still have a 5 min warm down walk at the end. Still felt good so kept on going. Another 5 mins and still not there :o Finally made it at just under 49 mins. That was way over my 10% time wise and I had a sneaky suspicion that it was going to be more than 10% on my previous 5.5k. Warmed down and stretched and boy my calf muscles were feeling tight!

Got home and checked the map. Some miscalculation done there! I had run 7.35k. On the plus side it has certainly given me a bit more motivation for 10k training and I really enjoyed it. But my calf muscles were really tight for the rest of the day so I will check my maps more carefully before venturing out again and stick to the 10% increases! :D


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18 Replies

  • great run Hil :D i only did a planned 7k this week :D my legs are still grumbling today ! have to be careful and not over do it :D

  • Only?! Back to 6k for me I think :D Not sure I would be able to walk if I were to do another one straight off! :D

  • am not doing another till next week :) might even do a 3rd week will see how the legs feel next week, back to parkrun tomorrow :D

  • Deffo a shorter run for me next and looking at 6k for the longer run :D

  • if the aches and pains are muscles growing i will need wider legged trousers lol

  • Well done Hilbean sounds like a great run and the tightness is just your calfs building more muscles

  • Really? Wow, I never thought of it like that. Just thought they were tired and overworked lol :D

  • In that case I will soon look like ironman!

  • Haha :D Perhaps you should put yourself in the Wonder Woman category instead ;)

  • Sounds like a wonderful run. And you enjoyed it. Well done for the distance, and tell you what... The calfs will be fine in a day or two, but the smile will last for weeks! :)

  • Thanks. Calves are much better today. Hopefully ready for action again tomorrow :)

  • Well done Hilly ! Best laid plans and all that ha ha :-) Glad your calfs are feeling better , up and at 'em again tomorrow ! :-) xxx

  • That sounds beautiful hilbean. It's hard to stop when you're feeling fine and everything looks rosy. Treat your calves to a good foam rollering session and they'll be right as rain!

  • Certainly is! And I felt like I could have gone further too. My calves were fine while I was on the move so didn't realise how tight they were getting until I stopped!

  • Well that sounds like a very good run. And great for the motivation - 10k probably seems very do-able now. Enjoy a well deserved rest for those calves.

  • Thanks. Well rested and did my planned 6k this morning and all's good :)

  • Well done, Hilly! It sounds as if you enjoyed it, which is the main thing!

  • Wow, great time! Sounds like a beautiful route too xx

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