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W9R1 - at last it felt good!

Went for my first run of week 9 tonight. As I said in my previous post, my dodgy knees have been playing up, so the last few weeks have been a bit tough. Tonight was so different. Yes, they still ached a bit, but I've increased the icing , the stretching and the strengthening exercises. It made such a difference for the pain to be less and for me not to be feeling anxious about them on the warm -up walk. That anxiety has affected my breathing over the last few runs.

I've read other people posting about ' good runs' and wondered when it would be my turn!

Tonight I actually had a good time. I joked with my hubby on the way round. My breathing was spot on. I pushed it towards the end and could still have run for longer.

My fingers are firmly crossed that there will be more runs like this.

Graduation is set for this Saturday!

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This is very inspiring to read, and well done! What an amazing achievement when you've been suffering too. I've just completed week 2 & my legs have been so painful at times, I've wondered how on earth I'll be in weeks to come, & I also struggle with my breathing when I'm anxious, I find if I concentrate on my breathing, I make myself worse?! Maybe now you've had a good run that will ease the anxiety a bit, and you're almost there!! Hopefully the graduation status will take some of it away too. Good luck for your last 2 runs xx


Thankyou. It has been tough, not just when running but when walking about during the day. They were painful and stiff this morning, but not as bad as they have been so I think the extra icing etc is having an effect. I can't believe I've got this far!

Have you tried icing your legs? Is the pain in your muscles or the joints?


well done you have done the back ground work and it is paying dividends :) keep at it 2 runs to go :)


Thankyou! I honestly can't believe I've got this far, and my hubby is fairly amazed by it too! He has seen for himself how well the programme works as he's run every step of the way with me.

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Well done!! Sounds like you're doing everything right. I find when I stop focussing on the run and think about something else I manage my breathing a lot better. when I think about it I end up running out of puff. I think we think too hard!! Bring on graduation!


Thankyou! I tend to count with my breathing at first to settle it, but I love it when I realise that I've forgotten about the counting because my breathing is fine!


Well done! You're nearly there!!


Thankyou! I can barely believe it!


two more to go, well done

Glen :) :) :)


Thanks Glen. I never thought I would get this far!


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