30 minutes, 4.85km, and a sore leg (sigh...) W9R1

Afternoon lovely runners :)

I completed my first ever 30 minute run this morning - yippee!!

It was ok, my breathing felt good and I wasn't totally exhausted. But, the moment I slowed down for my cool-down walk my left leg started to hurt :( I actually struggled a bit on the way home and was hobbling. It felt stiff when I was running, but felt really achy, sore, and heavy straight afterwards. I'm working a 12 hour shift tonight so not much chance for a sit down so I think I might have to take a couple more rest days than I had planned.

On the plus side, I was made up to finally have managed to go for half an hour - it felt like a real achievement and such a long way from the tentative start I made back in August :) And... for the very first time I checked how far I've been running, and was very pleasantly surprised to see that it's almost 5k :) :) :)

I'm so keen to finish the plan, and to run that extra 150 metres, but at the moment I feel like my leg might fall off (the kids have been instructed to watch out for this happening and to let me know if it does... They are okay with this.) so I'm going to make sure I'm back to full strength before I do my last undergraduate runs.

Good luck to anyone else C25K-ing, particularly my fellow week 9-ers :)


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13 Replies

  • Congrats on running for 30 mins, I hope your leg doesn't fall off, could make it difficult to graduate ;0). Sounds like a couple of rest days should help. Do you include the walks in your distance, or are you managing the 5k in the 30 min run?

  • Thanks! Am hoping that once I get home from work tomorrow morning I'm going to rest as much as I can until it feels normal again.

    The distance is just the running bit :)

  • You are going at a good pace then. I cover 5k with the walks included so I know once I graduate I will be wanting to work on my pace.

  • Well done - we're neck and neck! Maybe give that leg an extra bit of rest though, because if you push through you might end up in the injury couch/sofa/settee for a while. Better to be safe. x

  • Yeah, don't think we'll be neck and neck much longer. I'm definitely going to mend my leg before I hurt myself properly. Will watch out for your posts from my couch/sofa/settee :)

  • Wow well done you, that excellent. I think the sore legs is the endurance compared to interval running. Hopefully it will ease and you get to the end of W9. I'll be there waiting cheering you on, then I'll get back to my marker for the finish line ;-)

  • Yep, these little set-backs are no big deal when you look at the whole thing are they? Hope you're back to full strength now and can crack on 'till the finish :) Nearly there!

  • Congrats Atomic - that is fantastic - I am hopping up and down (well just a little hop) You still have one leg - what are you complaing about you too can hop the C25K Hop! But really sorry to hear about the leg and I'm sure it will be better or alternatively the children will bury it as a game. Do make sure it is right b4 running again and congrats on the nearly 5K - though don't worry too much about the distance yet - this has been my mistake - all things shall pass. :)

  • Thanks Runon, I'm not too worried, just a little miffed that I have to wait a bit longer for my badge! But I'll be very sensible, I promise, and make sure that I'm a fully functioning biped before attempting anymore. Besides, I think my other leg would feel very left out if I graduated without it...

  • No you are right Atomic - you must bring both legs to graduation ideally. Rest will cure it - do you have a stalwart butler or someone who can carry you around piggyback style tonight?

  • Atomic I so hope we get to graduate together I'll be keeping fingers crossed. all you need to do is give the kids a sewing lesson and you can graduate with both legs ;)

    I hope you recover quickly, I'll be keeping an eye out. Good luck!

  • Thank you! :) :)

    I'll be watching out for you too, and anyone else due to graduate. I'm excited for everyone else too!

    Take it easy :)

  • Fab progress Atomic!!! And nearly 5km too ... that's some running! Go steady and take extra rest if needed. You've come so far it would be a shame to louse up your graduation by getting injured now. Take care :)

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