PB 5km run today

Have gone slightly faster today, and have a PB on a level 5km run, not by much but none the less an improvement. Maybe it was the cooler & drizzly weather helping? And got hit by a a spiky bramble on the temple, sticking out along the pathway for my efforts, that I failed to see in time, which drew blood! lol.

So, no posing for the camera today, at the end I looked like I'd just gone 10 rounds with David Haye!lol, but quietly elated.

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  • Well done on the PB!

    I too declined my husband's kind offer to take a photo to post when I returned looking like I'd completed one of those mudder runs!

  • Gotta love a PB! :)

  • Fantastic. Fab feeling when you make an improvement! :-)

  • That's great! I'm sure the cooler weather helps, unfortunately the brambles like this weather too! I got caught up by my hair a few weeks ago, almost pulled me off my feet!

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