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PB for running time and distance today 😊

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I’m now coming to the end of my second week post grad C25k. Today I set myself a target to run an extra 5 minutes (so 35 minutes). I felt I could push it a bit more and noticed I was almost to the 4 mile mark. So I carried on to reach 4 miles and did it in 38 minutes. It felt so good. I can’t believe I can run this far and I’m really enjoying it now too 😊

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Wow... good job. Keep other runs down as you just did your 10% for the week... but looks like you’ll be at 10k soon, think it’s 6.21 miles, or thereabouts.

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Faith94 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you. I think I might try a short faster run for the next one :)

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Faith94

Yeah, I would... one short, one regular, one long will be my first step after grad

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Well done, good progression 😊 you will be surprised how far you can run if you put your mind to it

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Well done... keep it steady as you move forward... lots of 30 minutes and some shorter faster too.. and some longer, see where you get to runs too:)

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