Why was that so tough??

Week 3 run one was fairly easy on sunday so I was looking forward to run 2 today. My legs felt heavy but the biggest problem was in my head. I was battling with myself throughout and it was quite hard to keep going. Still, I did and feel good about that now. Worries me a bit to think I will be upping the time next week. I have given up before at this stage and I am really determined to keep going this time but the gremlins in my head are not going to make it easy I think!


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  • There is sometimes no rhyme or reason to why some runs are comfortable and others are really hard.

    I am sure others will have advice on how to combat gremlins but just take it easy and chances are your next run will be just fine.

  • I've often found that after a horrible run, I dread the next one and then it's surprisingly easy - no idea why but I hope that encourages you to go out again and stamp on the toes of the gremlins! Good luck and well done, you can definitely do this. :-)

  • But you did do it! Don't worry, the next run will be fine.

  • Get them gremlins locked in a wee cupboard somewhere if you can.

    I always found run2 of each week was hard going, not sure why. But I'm sure you'll do it no problem.

    If it helps any, I went out this am & just couldn't get my pace right, was puffed out in the first 5 mins & gave up after 20 mins, was kicking myself later for stopping but will put it behind me & go out again on Thurs.

    Good luck. You can do this โ˜บ

  • Don't listen to the gremlins, listen to us, listen to how good you feel having completed the run and whatever you do don't give up. You're making steady progress and there is no reason at all to stop now. Think happy running !

  • My husband is a couple of runs ahead of you. He wasn't looking forward to Week 4 run 1 last night and tried everything to put it off. However, we went out together and he did it. He said at the end he managed the 5 minute runs better than the 3 minute runs. He felt he was getting into his stride in the 5 minute runs. You can do it. The longer runs are easier than the shorter runs. Trust the programme and believe in yourself. You can do it. :)

  • If you watch any kind of sport, you'll know that even the fittest athletes find it harder some weeks, for reasons that don't seem to make sense.

    Like henpen90 says "Don't listen to the gremlins, listen to us" - if you're struggling either on a run or with motivation, try and remember all the positive stories from this forum.

    Most importantly, enjoy it!

  • Thanks everyone. Never underestimate the power of your words - I will let you know how run3 goes on Thursday and if it's tough I have your encouragement to keep me going. Was particularly impressed by noaky12's idea of locking the gremlins in the wine cupboard -til I read it again properly!

  • I find it hard on most runs. The last km of Parkrun is particularly difficult. The last km comes just after a slight incline that just saps my strength. My legs don't hurt too much and I can slow down to get my breath back, but it seems to be so much hard work. I reckon I'm just lazy and after a lifetime lifting pens for a living, doing hard physical work is something I'm not used to. I just have to knuckle down. Probably not the same for you, but if you can figure out what your gremlin looks like you can fight him.

  • Keep going my feelinggs on running it's a love and hate thing. The struggle is worth it. I am only at W7 and slug running through it but for health and the buzz afterwards I am keeping going. Middle aged and overweight but still trying :-o

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