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Week 6 - Day 1 - A real struggle for anyone else?


I got through week 5 alright, and even though I was dreading the 20 minute final run, I got through it ok. I was expecting the first day of week six to be easier in comparison - it was less running, with breaks in between, but I really really struggled and I have no idea why. I ran at roughly the same time of day, same clothes, shoes everything. My legs ached, I got stitch (which I haven't had for a couple of weeks) and I really wasn't sure I'd complete the run (I did, but felt a bit down about how tough it had been)

I tend to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I had Saturday and Sunday with no running. Did anyone else struggle with shorter runs after a long one?

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yep, me too. & I couldnt understand why it was so hard after running for 20mins solid on my friday run :) some of us fly through this run, whilst others, like me & you, find it as difficult as those first weeks. if its any consolation I dont remember run 2 being hard to get through.

I also think that the plan is designed this way so that you dont get too confident & injure yourself by overdoing it. I felt like superwoman after w5r3 so this brought me back down to earth :)

dont worry about the next run. Im sure it will be fine & your legs will be fully recovered from fridays run. remember, 20mins solid is a lot to ask from legs that have only done running & walking before.

good luck X


Yes! I hated week 6. It was horrid and could'nt wait to see the back of it! It's common among most runners on here. There is a thread about voting for the worst week of the plan and if I remember rightly week 6 is the most disliked.

I prefer running for longer rather than intervals. I find it easier to get into a rhythm wih a longer run.

Still look on the bright side only 2 runs and you can wave bye bye to week 6 ;-)

Thank you both for the reassurance. For some odd reason, it didn't feel right when I was doing the warm up walk. I may also have been over-confident and ran too fast to begin with. Hopefully Run 2 tomorrow will be much better. I can see why it's done the way it is (long run, then back to intervals) but yes, I think I prefer the longer runs, getting into a rhythm.

Thank you both for your replies :)

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I think the 'running too fast' is the main obstacle a lot of us fall over on week 6. I know that my thought was that if I had run 20 minutes two days beforehand, then surely I could run the intervals at a faster pace. Nope, I was wrong! I think Laura said just before the 8 minute run not to go too fast, I could have done with her saying that on the first 5 minute run. The week will get better and even if you're miserable throught the whole week (like I was) at least there's only two more runs left and then you can say hello to week 7 :)


Week 6 was my worst week ever after weeks 1 and 2! I believe it's the programs way of knocking us back off of cloud 9 after week5r3!!! I hope the rest of the week goes well for you! Gayle

Yep! Another vote for week 6 being awful! I found it hard but doable, I wasn't satisfied with my runs and lost my mojo, but it came back in week 7. I think week 6 goes back to intervals to make the transition to longer runs easier (and more preferable!).

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