Why was that a struggle? 😖

Now why should this be? Wk7R1 last Friday went really well; so much so that I was able to add a minute or 2 extra on the end, (and felt very smug about it!). Run 2 on Monday, seemed a bit tougher, but I put that down to me choosing a different route, and I used the podcast instead of lovely MJ. It was ok, but all seemed a bit longer. However, run 3 today was a real struggle. I'd gone back to lovely route/Mr Smooth/decent music etc, but it was a slog this morning. For the first time ever, I honestly thought I was going to have to stop. I didn't, but calves ached, breathing was more difficult than usual, and the end couldn't come soon enough! ☹️. Why - when the 3 runs were all the same??


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7 Replies

  • There are many factors. Mindset is especially important. If you have had a great couple of runs, your expectation for this last run would have been higher.

    You will always get good runs and bad runs. The important thing is you didn't give up. Don't spend to long analysing it. Instead give yourself a pat on the back. Its easy to keep going on the good days, but to endure through on a bad run, well that's where you earn your stripes!

  • Accept the fact that you completed the run and then move on - don't over analyse and hopefully the next run will be better. You are still in the early stages of your running career but as Whatsapp says you will still have good runs and bad runs.

  • Same here! Just done W8R2, and it did seem hard - or was it just long compared to previous weeks. I thought this over, and wondered if it was because I had become used to the 'ah, ten minute mark, ah, turn round mark, and when you have to sail past and still keep going for a bit, it seems longer? And then realised, duh, it was longer!

    Can you believe it though, JaneM21? Week 8!! I was ready to weep coming back from week 7, and not able to breathe. Then I had some wonderful advice on this forum, and it became miraculously do-able. And it's week 9 next week. We now run - or in my case, at least - move, for about eight miles a week! Eight miles. How cool is that? x

  • I find this too, around week 7. I like to vary my routes and sometimes I swear they are all uphill! With me, it usually depends on how busy I have been earlier that day or even the day before. I try not to worry about it - even professional athletes have off days!

  • I could say it was because you were naughty and did extra,and a new route..but that is silly :) Some runs are iffy.. for any number of reasons...

    Make sure as the runs get longer, that you don't neglect your strength and stamina exercises.. your body has to keep up with those newly found running legs !

    Warm up really well and lots of stretching after the run !

    Onward and upward :) x

  • Hey Jane if I had my time again I would have snuck in the occasional extra rest day, as the cumulative effects of the runs start to add up. Maybe it was that?

  • You were not the same............ hydration, fuelling, rested state, mental state, temperature, weather, time of the month, time of life etc, etc.

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