First run as a 50 year old 👾

Good morning.

We'll today was a day of firsts.

I live in Weston-super-Mare and have always fancied a seafront run. But I'm a bit unsure and nervous when it comes to doing something a little different - I'm a bit of a comfort zone kinda girl! But today I did it - and loved it! We have a lovely prom and did the full stretch - the distance was 4.75k so I did a bit extra to make it up to 5.25k :-).

And now I'm sat here watching my hubby play about with his power kites - it's glorious here.

And yes, I am now 50! I had 3 days of celebrating so I was determined to get back on it and have a good run - bit slower than normal but still good.

The sun is beating down now - great day off!

:-) xx

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  • Sounds glorious. Belated happy birthday!

  • Thanks Ully

  • Happy birthday! Welcome to the best decade! Well done on getting out there after your celebrations, sea front running is the best...

  • Thanks. Definitely doing the seafront again - I mean it's just there!!

  • Happy birthday. Sounds like a lovely run!

  • It was, thanks.

  • Happy birthday! And here's to lots of new experiences going forward x

  • I'm definitely open to more ;-) x

  • Happy Birthday and how lucky are you to have the fabulous promenade to run. Am very envious! Welcome to your 50's and great times ahead :)

  • Wsm gets knocked a lot, but the prom really is lovely 😃

  • Happy birthday, sounds like a great run. I'm counting down to my 50th now from last Thursday. I also had to stop partying. Happy running.

  • Thank you. And Happy birthday to you too 😀 🎂 x

  • Woo hoo ! Welcome to the 50s club Pinky !

    Oh, a run along the sea front - Fab !

    Happy Birthday to you , and Im glad you had a lovely time celebrating it ! :-) xxx

  • I've had a great time, thanks Poppy 😄 xx

  • Happy birthday! I passed that milestone earlier this year, and it feels pretty good so far!

  • You did indeed 😃glad to hear it aint that bad!

  • Happy birthday! xx

  • Thanks TT x

  • I am so jealous I could spit!!

    But I wont ...... It all sounds fabulous. Enjoy every minute x

  • It was fabulous, thank you x

  • Mahoosive congratulations!! What a great way to start this very special decade.

    Enjoy your body, work it, energise it, get the most you can from it, and have fun :)

  • Thank you.

    And I will do all of those things! :)

  • Can't beat a lovely seafront run :) well done and abelated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!! :)

  • Thanks Ali :) x

  • Happy birthday Pinky! 50!!!! Fancy that!

    So jealous of your seafront run! I still haven't done one yet. Bah

    You will have to make it a regular occurrence now.

  • Thank you :)

    I have a feeling I will do more too - and why not, it's just there down the road. And there's plenty more not many miles away, so I should take advantage of them.

  • Happy birthday! ! I hope you had a fabulous day!

    Sounds like you had a great run too ☺🍰 < that's cake if it shows up lol

  • Thanks Jammy.

    The cake turned up a couple of days before.

    And the lovely food and wine and cider all the weekend.. oh well, only become 50 once - back to the running now :)

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