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Couch to 5K
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My first run

Hi everyone :D

I did my first podcast of Week 1 today. I found it very hard, especially on my lungs. I also felt quite sore in my calf muscles as I was doing it.

I did 5 / 8 run sections (though more of a jog), and feel really proud of myself. :) I felt really good at the end of the session. I'm going to have a rest day or two, then try again on Sunday. I reckon it'll take me a few extra goes to complet podcast fully 3 times, but I'm really excited. Good luck to everybody doing their sessions today :)

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Well done shortrainbows! You have every reason to feel proud of yourself!

You told us all yesterday you were going to start today and you did; I hope you felt us all behind you encouraging you with each step?!

Yes do listen to your body and take extra rest days if needed but try and fit in the 3 runs each week if possible and if you feel you need to repeat a run then that is fine; we are all different and progress at different rates. Just bask in the glory of getting out there and taking the first step on this journey!


Sue x


Good for you! Despite finding it hard you still sound so positive and realistic which will be a great help to you i'm sure. I am on wk5 r3 (Saturday) but I found the first few weeks quite tough. I noticed during wk3 that i was really settling into it (I slowed down a bit) I hope you enjoy your next few runs! :)


Well done - the first run is the hardest. Before you know it you'll be hooked.

Have fun :-)

Viki x


Marvelous, short!! You have taken the hardest steps of the program...the ones that get you off of the couch and out of the door!!

I would echo Sue's thoughts about trying to fit all three runs into a week if possible. If extra rest is needed, by all means take it. I think that the structure of the program with three runs a week, a rest day in between each run and then an extra rest day at the end is a great plan for our bodies. The rest is needed, but the activity is also!!

Believe in the program and most of all, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! :-)

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Great job :-)

Don't be afraid of taking it at your pace. I run about as fast as an 80yr old walks.......but its not the pace, its the movement that counts!

Really great work starting the program - good luck and keep us up to date :-)


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