ok for 10 year old?

Hey all, been a long time! My daughter aged 10 wants to do a 5K run in May for a local charity. So we've both signed up and she's agreed to start the couch to 5k training, did first run yesterday. She was huffing and puffing a bit at the end, but I suppose I was first time I did it! Has anyone else done the plan with children? I'm thinking just take it slowly at her pace, so will probably take longer than 9 weeks. Any advice?

PS its good for me too! Haven't been out in sooooo long and it encouraged me to go out again today. Started at wk 5 run1 and dare I say it.....easily managed it. Still scared of w5r3 though!


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  • Have I misunderstood you? Did you mean your 10 year old jumped straight in at w5r1 too? That would be quite a tough ask, unless she does an awful lot of running or other sports. The programme starts off on w1 for a reason- to build the stamina, strength and endurance necessary to run 5k/30 minutes. By starting at w5, you'd be expecting your 10 year old to run none stop for 20 minutes after just 2 practice sessions!!

  • no,no my daughter started at wk !!!

  • week ONE, meant to say!

  • Though I must have misunderstood you :) Can't see why she should have any problems at all with following the programme. I believe other people have done it with their kids and there is a remarkable lady on here, whose name I've forgotten, but who's a primary school teacher, and she is using c25k for a girls breakfast running club. Hope your daughter has fun

  • I can't see why it wouldn't work - she's probably fitter than we are! Building up gradually will be good - I remember at school we did no running at all until the end of year 800m. Was horrific. Anyway, I've not done it with kids, but know some who run, so go for it!

  • There seem to be an awful lot of children at my local parkrun - and I think all of them get round before me.

  • I'd say it will be fine for her, just let her take it at her own pace. Lucky you to have such a sporty child x

  • Stick to the programme and timetable and you will be imparting all sorts of good messages to your daughter about seeing things through and achievement. It can only be good for her self esteem as well as her physical side. Good luck and be prepared to be left behind.

  • If she was huffing and puffing at the end that sounds pretty much alright, but if she's gasping for breath earlier on in each podcast perhaps suggest that she's allowed to slow down as her body adjusts. You must be really proud of her!

    By the way, Juicyju was doing C25K with some younger family members or friends, I think.

  • Kids are tough and they listen to their bodies far more than grown-ups. If your daughter's keen then I say just go with the flow!

    My 10 year old is down to 27 mins for our local parkrun with no training. I say no training-he reminded me recently that he runs around for an hour every lunchtime, does PE twice a week, plays badminton for 2 hours a week, swims once a week and rides his scooter to and from school every day.

    Just look at the results page for any parkrun and search for 'JM10'. Curse their little legs :-)

  • It should be pretty easy for her, depending on her current activity level. Does she do much at school? Our ankle-biter didn't do much at primary, but started when he hit secondary school, and took it in his stride...so to speak.

    Keep her motivated and praised, but a gentle push along the way...like getting her to beat you...wouldn't hurt; even if you have to slow and let her!

  • I did the plan with both my children and a friends girl too. My son joined me at week 3, at age 11 and as he was quite fit he was fine. I took my daughter who was 9 at the time through the whole programme from the beginning with her friend, and she did really well and ran a 5k parkrun afterwards. Kids love it and as long as you take them through from the beginning and allow for niggles and stresses they will be fine...good luck :)

  • nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    May not be helpful but this is a little article I did about running with my gorgeous boy :)

  • Thanks! This has inspired me to see if my 11 year old son would like to join us too..... if I can get him off the xbox. Wish me luck! Like you didn't, we don't do much together, and although he's a very loving child, I don't feel as close to him as my daughter.

  • Thanks all for your motivational replies! I hope I can pass it on to my daughter.... 2 runs so far, but she didn't want to go out yesterday, because it was raining...... has promised me she will today though. Fingers crossed!

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