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W3R1 completed!


Hi guys/gals,

Wow, I have not long completed the first run of week 3! I am not knackered or anything like that, but my lower legs are aching a fair bit. I will be honest and say it was very tough going at the end...especially half way through the last 3 minute run!! But I understand the importance of pushing on through that pain barrier as that is the most crucial part of the plan, and without pushing yourself you won't get anywhere.

Again, I found my breathing recovery better than when I first started this two weeks ago and that certainly gives me hope and confidence that I'm slowly but surely improving and will get there in the end! :)

Day of rest tomorrow and then I will do my 2nd run of week 3 on Sunday (all being well, that is!)

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Well done Lee!

Make sure you stretch afterwards, these niggles do come on in early runs, hopefully they will fade as you body adapts to running, but minor aches & pains are common in running, if you get any really bad pain you must stop, only run through mild aches & pains, there's a tad more stress when running, make sure the shoes have good cushioning..😊

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Cheers Dave! :)

Yeah I have great trainers. I went into the city and got my gait measured then bought a decent pair of trainers. They are so light and comfotable, I hardly know I'm wearing them and yet they have loads of cushioning.

Well done. I had thought you would be running tomorrow. I am taking today as a rest day and will try tomorrow to get through the week 3 run

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Cheers africanali. Nah, I always make sure I have a rest day between my running days, so having done w3r1 today I will do my w3r2 on Sunday.


well done! Fantastic progress! Just behind you haha and I can feel my fitness improving too, just slightly, but it's a real motivator! A bit dubious about week 3 but I'll go on Sunday as I have a long day at work tomorrow.

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Nice one debze. If I listen hard enough I think I can hear ya panting right behind me!! lol Keep it going gal. :)

So we will be out running together on Sunday then? Sounds good to me! ;)


Sounds like you're doing great 🌟

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So far so good Vanessa! :)

Brilliant and it's great when you start to see some improvements in how you feel. You will get there 😀 Good luck on R2 Sunday....

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Thank you kate! :)

I had quite a few issues with shin aches and calf muscles in the early weeks (up to week 5) but I rested and re-did a few weeks to build on my muscle strength. I just knew I wasn't fit enough physically to move on. It all worked out and since w5 I have been ok. Don't be afraid to adapt the programme to suit you. I doubt many manage it in the 9 weeks. I'm on W9 this week and it has taken over 5 months to get here. Just keep swimming...

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Thanks for that good advice! :)

That’s great, we’ll done. Wish I could offer advice on the pains but will be keen to see how you managed to get past it.

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