Another 5K PB, 4 mins faster!

Something's definitely changed. I went out to do a 5K run today, feeling confident after my 6K achievement on Thurs. I started way too fast, but managed to keep going, somehow my breathing was keeping up and my legs just wanted to run. I felt so good all the way through, a big contrast to a few weeks ago when the struggle of it was sucking away any enjoyment I might have been getting. I even relished the cold rain that started halfway through. This meant the Olympic park was blissfully deserted and it also saved me from overheating. My time was 34:08, 4 mins faster than Thursday. Every lap was below 7mins/km, really big difference to where I was at before. I felt great at the end and could have kept on going. Bring on the next run! :)


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21 Replies

  • Congratulations! Inspiring stuff!

  • Fantastic achievement well done ☺

  • Brilliant. Well done Ruth.


  • Ruth you are amazing! To feel so exhilarated and to have achieved an all time best as well is incredible. Doesn't that just give you the motivation and inspiration of the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger". I would say that a gold medal is on the cards for you today! Brilliant! X

  • Thanks! I seem to be going through a phase of bests at the moment, every run better than the last! I spent the olympics trying to avoid it, but maybe now the trauma's finally over I can finally enter into the spirit :)

  • Sounds like a great run - a lot of this is about self belief isn't it!

  • Yep, and building up lung capacity :)

  • Way to go Ruth , that is a HUGE improvement :D all down to your hard work well done :D

  • Thanks, yes hard work and lets not forget a big army of encouragers on here too. Hope all going well with your running too :)

  • So far so good thanks Ruth , did my 2nd parkrun since my return from injury today , definitely felt stronger today :D just waiting on official time

  • Yay! Hope its a good time, you're well on your way back from injury now :)

  • Fingers crossed it is a better time than 2 weeks ago , position wise it is but that can be misleading, jus happy ot be back running :D

  • It's amazing what we can achieve when we start having a bit of confidence about what we are capable of. Really well done to you. Keep believing ☺☺☺☺

  • That's fantastic, Ruth - really pleased for you. You know, I think that learning a rhythm - getting the running pace and breathing synchronised makes a huge difference. I really noticed that when it fell into place for me. You should be able to believe that you can realistically work towards the 30 minute 5K now.

  • I'm totally working towards 30 mins now! My super fast friend just did a parkrun in 20:50 so who knows what's possible. That's interesting about getting a breathing-running rhythm. I'm def running at a more consistent rate now, so hopefully that's what's happening :)

    Hope you're having an excellent Saturday too :)

  • Well done! Onwards and upwards! Great that you are enjoying it as well :-)

  • Woot woot! Go you! You're flying, kiddo. :D

  • Well done there ruth, what a break through. X

  • Thanks Sparky :)

  • Well done, that's brilliant !

  • Just... wow !

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