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It's a mind over you can run for 28 πŸƒπŸƒ

No i need to stop 😒😒finding it difficult

really upset with myself

I'm only stopping for 30 seconds but im stopping

Any tips please before i drive myself insane 😒😒

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Relax, keep going, and one day it'll just sort itself out? I think that's probably the easiest way to "deal with" it (ie leave everything else the way it is, and just skip the part where you beat yourself up).

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Thanks Gary will see how today is πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Stern but sympathetic face.

Remember how far you have come from week 1.

Stop beating yourself up.

We are all different. So 28 mins may take you a while longer to achieve.

Turn off Laura and just run

You WILL do it, you CAN DO IT. Could be something simple like time of day, blood sugar(energy) levels?

Next run is a new day. Think about how you will smile when you realise you've done 35 mins....

You are so close....don't be disappointed with yourself....you should feel PROUD!

Smiley face to end xx


What a lovely reply 😊😊

Thanks for your word's

As much as i like Laura i think i will turn he off and just run

Once again thank you πŸ˜€

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Run. Walk. run again. Walk again. Stop and catch your breath or take in the view. Run some more.

As long as you go out and do it again the day after tomorrow and a couple of days after that, it's all good.

At Endurance nation, the Iron Man triathletes marathon schedule involves walking for 30-45 steps every mile, whether you need to or not. Apparently this results in signifcantly better times than running all the way.

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Thanks rig for the reply xx


Although I do understand your frustration, there really is no problem with stopping for a few seconds and then carrying on! I do it - lots of others do it, (see Rigs reply above!) for some it's a normal way of completing a distance.

Stop worrying about it and just accept it as part of the plan for now until you find yourself able to complete it in one go!


Finger wagging time ! stop being so hard on yourself , you have done brilliantly and if you think back to week 1 ,how long a minute felt like then ...

You should be so very proud of yourself on your achievement so far .... running is just as much a mental thing as physical but don't get hung up on it..

Some great suggestions already , bottom line you can and will do it !! :D believe in yourself , relax and just run :D

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Finger wagging!! Matches my stern face!

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Thanks Rob for my telling off πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Just what i needed to get me back on track

Off for my Saturday afternoon see if i can manage it run πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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hope it all went well :D


I'm a couple of runs behind you (starting week 8 tomorrow). I usually mentally break up my runs using music to time. I don't focus on how long I've been running or how much more time I have. I focus on the now. This run segment (during a song) isn't going to beat me. I think that helps with the longer runs. Also, I try not to start off too fast.


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