W8r3 - Hard Work

I just finished week 8 and I am still finding it hard. I would have expected that by now, when I get to half way, I should be feeling OK and only start to tire towards the end but No! I still feel it all the way around. Even after a couple of mins running I feel like I could just stop. My legs feel heavy and I have to push myself. I manage OK with breathing I'm not too out of breath (no more than you would expect for running) and I go very slow. I manage to complete the runs but they are tough.

Thinking I might repeat week 8 before trying week9.


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8 Replies

  • Are you having rest days ? If you manage to complete each run that's a great achievement .

    I have heavy legs some days but finding having cereal ( not a milk drinker)more often has eased that problem .

  • Yes, I have rest days and run first thing before eating anything, so I don't get a stich.

  • You may find you do need something to eat for the longer runs. Your body isn't yet used to drawing on its reserves if you haven't stoked your engines! I find that having something light about an hour before my run has given me energy ( no stitch).

    You are doing really well! Keep going, and don't be too hard on yourself! 🏃( there isn't a lady runner!)

  • Try eating porridge and banana before and let it settle half an hot before running 😁 I used to run on empty I don't now and feel much better x

  • Yes but remember, you are running further and for longer - that's the progress! Once you have finished the programme and are regularly running for 30 minutes, you'll hopefully begin to notice that it becomes more comfortable as the stamina and strength you've built will begin to show dividends.

    That's when you begin to think about further/faster goals!

  • I'm in week 8 at the moment and it's definitely still hard!! I feel just like you, but just keep going and get to the end, and I think that's the idea! Just keeping going is brilliant. So well done!

  • Hi, I'm in week 8 and am feeling really similar. I thought by now it would feel much more fluid, and not so much hard work. But I'm trying to focus and enjoy each run, and actually still look forward to each run which is great. I know it will get easier and focus on that. It will improve for you also. Keep running !!

  • Same here Sezza, I assumed I would be finding it easier... About to attempt run2 of week 9! Therefore nearly graduating!!

    I still manage to complete the run, and although I recover pretty quickly, whilst I'm running it really hurts...

    I did extra runs on week 8, but it didn't make any difference. I don't get out of breath so much, just my legs feel like they're gonna drop off. I do squats, I do Zumba, I stretch but it doesn't seem to get easier....


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