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I've Graduated but it's still hard work!

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I graduated just over a month ago. I have been alternating 30 minutes jogs with 5k runs. My time for 5k is generally just over 36 mins which I am pleased with, given my advanced years (I'm 71 with no track record of running before). I do strengthening work, Pilates, LBT etc. but am still finding it really hard work. Should I just carry as I am or go much slower to build up my stamina? I have been reluctant to go slower to date as I want to feel I'm progressing but don't want to feel exhausted every time. Interestingly , the last part of the run is ok and I usually manage a short sprint!

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It is the long slow runs which build up the stamina and the strength... and distance often follows...Shake your runs up... some short... some speedy.. some long, see where you get to. runs.. mix in 30 minutes and the odd 5 K. New routes too, some more challenging than others can be helpful too..

Running is fantastic... just relax and enjoy the whole learning process you move on!

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RubyTigerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Many thanks- had wondered about putting a few sprints in. Will also try some longer, slower runs. Need a plan to keep me motivated, particularly with the appalling weather we have been having lately.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to RubyTiger

Try the Speed C25K+ podcast...it is brilliant for bursts...and yes, the weather has been dire!

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Slow down to go further and do some hill work. Both will speed you up.

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You’re doing great... extend your long run... run a 30 and use your other one for speed work every now and then, fun a fast mile, a quick 2, or a slightly faster 4K... or do an interval session 400m x 4 with 2 minutes rest, add another repeat every time you do it... run them hard. The choices are almost endless, and it’s good fun.

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RubyTigerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Many thanks- not sure how fast my mile will be but be good to have a go. Having got this far, I'm really keen to keep going and make it a permanent feature of my week. Do need to keep motivated though and at the moment don't feel I'm progressing, Hopefully these changes will help. Thanks again

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to RubyTiger

It’s all relative... on a long run I do 5k in 36 too, and I’m mid 40s! That’s the pace I run the majority of my runs... when it comes to faster pace it depends how far the run is. The 400m ones are surprisingly tiring, but do get easier. Just up the pace a little at first.

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If you read the guide to post C25K running healthunlocked.com/couchto5... you will find the recommendation that you spend between 75-80% of your time running slowly, to build stamina. Pushing hard on every run is the sign of a rookie runner.

You are still a very, very new runner, so be patient and get the miles on your legs.

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