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Ok - o was getting a little down making no progress with the App so decided to change things up a bit. Did a 10 minute walk to warm up instead of the 5 and found I was able to do a 15 minute run without problem after. I am now adding a minute to that time each time I go running to build up. Also found that me knee has been giving me less problems since starting this approach. Am I doing the right thing or should I go back to the C25K program???


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7 Replies

  • If 15 mins running is comfortable for you then I don't see any reason that building it up slowly wouldn't work. If it's what you want to try and as long as it works for you then why not? :-)

  • Trust yourself, the principle is to slowly increase time and work towards straight running without recovery. I am on week 7, just did run 2 (should b 25 minutes) but wanted to run 30 minutes, kept going and ended up doing 5K in 43 minutes.

    Will need a warm cosy power nap to recover but very pleased I can now run 5K and that was my goal all along. Not taking Laura now either, going it alone. Rebel!


  • I would stick with C25k as it progresses properly so there's no need to go off-piste. It's all there in one neat package so you don't even have to think about it. Just do it (as Mr Nike would say)

  • Sounds fine to me. If you do more of a warm up, you're going to be more warmed up. :-) And if your knee is less troublesome, it seems to be voting in favour of your new approach.

    You might want to redo some of the interval sessions, too? Mind you they'll tend to be faster, which is harder on the knee.

    You're running, so you're getting exercise. You're progressing. You're taking care not to turn it into a painful thing to avoid.

    Mind you, if this is Week5 Run3 you're talking about building up to, I think the idea there is to take the leap of faith, and experience first hand the proof of the fact that you've been made physically fit enough for it by the programme. If you've done all that leads up to that run, what's blocking your path is gremlins, and it's probably better to just tell them to get out of your way, and do this boldly.

    The way to manage that is to set out really slowly, and only speed up if your legs feel they want this. Then if you hit difficulty after that, slow down and gather your breath at running pace, and if needs be, go into crawl gear just to stagger to the end in a running gait. If you're tiptoeing up to Week5 Run3, you're doing yourself out of one of life's great moments. Don't do it. Rather hit the intervals a bit harder.

    None of the above is an argument against your longer warm-up. If you need more warm up time, take as much as you need.

  • I have to warm up for longer than 5 minutes otherwise can't run more than 3 minutes on the first one. After my first run the second mile is much easier despite the hills!!

    I just don't press the go until I've had my first 5 minutes. Some people's heart rate goes up faster than others. It is better to warm up properly less likely to get injuries xx HH

  • there is no restriction on how long you warm up for :) if it works for you go with it . Not sure where you were with C25K as others have said I would go with the program but do your longer warm up ..

    There is no yes no, right wrong answer really

  • My warm up happens partly in the brisk walk stage and partly in the first 5-10mins of running. I start my run really gently, really slowly (approx the same speed as the brisk walk) and only speed up when I feel everything fall into place. That being said, my friend and I walked about 20mins across Bushy Park to join the parkrun the other week, and I felt really well warmed up by the time we all started running. She also did a short run beforehand, a sort of pre-run warm-up run. There are so many ways to warm up. I guess we all find our own ways!

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