2 New things

Yesterday I wanted to try 2 new things, running in a strange city and the c25k+ podcast "speed". I'd sorted my route out beforehand, part of it I knew from my wanderings on similar business trips, but part of it was new. And I wanted a route where I could start directly in front of the hotel and not too long, as "speed" is supposed to be quite short. I was quite excited as well!  

So 06:30ish I marched past reception trying to look as if I do this all the time. Nobody batted an eyelid. I could hardly hear Laura the traffic was so loud and there were so many people around. But nobody bothered about me and I'd turned down a side street by the time the real running started. I nipped off, feeling like a real runner, a white van stopped well in advance to let me cross a zebra-crossing and I gave the driver a cheery wave (white van drivers seem to be nicer here than in Britain!). Then a "real runner" came towards me, slim, fit, lean, fast and I felt a real fraud, but she didn't smile condescendingly or pityingly and we passed each other without my ego withering too much. My usual "early-in-the-run gremlin" raised his ugly head and muttered "This is the slow bit and already it feels hard. How on earth are you going to run faster?"  And then I was supposed to run faster, but only for 1 minute. It was really fun, 1 minute is not long and Laura told me when there were only 30 seconds to go, which gave me encouragement to really go for it. I loved the first few runs, apart from the fact that I discovered the route I had chosen was not ideal. I nearly ended up on a really busy road, heading for the motorway, and every time I had to run fast I seemed to  come up to a set of traffic-lights - and guess what colour they were! In the end I just ran up and down a lovely wide avenue, pounding past the restaurants (the customers eating their breakfast must have thought I was mad, I ran past at least 4 times). And then it was over. A mere 17 minutes. The last 2 fast runs had been a bit of a struggle, so it's probably good it was so short. 

I sauntered back to the hotel, past reception, hoping I wasn't too purple and nobody would notice the sweat pouring off me. Nobody bothered. 

Runkeeper informed me about a whole load of personal bests (that's the good thing about just starting!). I buzzed all day. 


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13 Replies

  • Hi Jay, this sounds fun! You're really brave running in a new area and tackling a different kind of run, good for you. :) Might just have a pop at that speed podcast myself after your little tale! X 

  • OldFloss likes it as well. And it was quite liberating because you can really let rip and it's only one minute. Over in no time! Felt quite brave myself - did not want to run into any colleagues! But I would have bluffed it out if I had! This running lark is good for confidence!

  • True..I do..did it for my first post crocked knee run on Tuesday..had snow,sleet and rain since!

  • Speed is brill! I love it 🙂

  • I can see why! You were the one who first brought it to my attention. But it is short. 

  • It is..but..you can build it in to a longer run..beginning,middle or end! 🙂

  • Lovely run.. enjoy your holiday..jaysee... 

  • It was actually a business trip (and I've never been brave enough to march out of a posh hotel in my gear, just in case I run into my colleagues). But I don't care now - I shall run wherever the company sends me!

  • Go you..strange place..Speed (Iove it) well done! You deserve to buzz!🙂

  • I always take my running stuff with me when I go away. Once I didn't - and ended up buying a whole new set of kit - including shoes! so that I could run around the bay in Vancouver. It was amazing. Some of the best runs have been on holiday. You can see bits of cities and countryside that you wouldn't necessarily see otherwise. But I always make sure that someone knows roughly where I am going and how long I expect to be, and take my phone.

    Great stuff JaySee!!  Enjoy!

  • Like the sound of the podcast

    And you are a "real runner"

  • Sounds like a great run. It's a good way to see new places.

  • I love seeing new places, but I prefer walking - seems more controlled! But will continue running when I'm away as it was fun!

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