Couch to 5K

Mixing it up a bit

Well, I finally made it to the end of Chapter 1 & thank you to everyone of you who helped me on my way towards my first milestone & thanks to everyone else for just being there cheering me on.

I hope to be able to share my journey through Chapter 2 with you all too.

But first up is the inevitable question of what the heck should I do now... ParkRun, Speed, Steppingstone, B210K, Stamina, "Silky Steve", .... so it's not as if I'm limited by choice - but what the heck do I do first & next & then what else?....

Well the one thing I need is structure - if I don't have dedicated running days I wont run - it's as simple as that. So here's my plan

Tonight - W9 one more time but a lot more SLOWLY

Saturday - has gotta be my inaugural ParkRun - Huddersfield anyone? (but with W9 podcast as Laura has GOT to be there for my first "race")

Then I'm thinking of the next 3 weeks as being my gap year between official programs,

Tuesday night is Speed night - nice and short under 30 mins door to door.

Thursday night is Stepping Stone - mainly to maintain a solid pace (and learn how to count beats again!)

Saturday morning I want to be a regular park runner ... which also means no more overdoing it on Friday nights.

Sunday strolls - well running, just at a steady pace. Looking to extended the duration & distances here (sticking to 10% improvements) - so 33mins then 36mins then 40mins.

The whole point being to improve sensibly & also to mix it up a bit to find out what I like & what I don't like.

Then comes 11 weeks for my 10K preparation. I'm going to follow Jeff Galloway's 10k training plan - simply because it seems to be a natural progression through the stages of becoming a runner.

At the end of September is the Great Yorkshire Run 10k & I haven't got a clue what to expect, but I will be giving it a go. Why? well it's my quiet little celebration of a whole year since I stopped smoking..... and what a way to mark it with a 10k!

Then mid November is the AGE UK Leeds 10k dash.

So that's the plan for Chapter 2 - let's see how we get on.

Happy Running everyone :-)

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Wow Matthew you are well organised and I wish you luck. Your programme of mixed runs sounds sensible and very doable. If your going to be a Parkrun runner don't forget to link NHS C25K as your running club. Good luck


kind of has to be organised - if not I would never get out and go .... & thats what I liked about C25K - the plan was already thought out step by step, all I have to do was follow it.

although all the best laid plans - I have registered for ParkRun - but I just want to get checked out medically first before "racing" - had a few tight heart moments this week and last, so just want to be double sure I am not over cooking it.


I know what you mean about being organised - I like to schedule my runs for particular days and times (early mornings for me is usual). You certainly seem to have it all worked out so all the very best with your runs, good luck and enjoy!


indeed - planning is the key for me - and now I have a nice excel list of all my planned runs, times, which playlist, and spaces for pace & lap times.... so so sad.

and I wish I could do early morning runs, but would mean a 5am run so not really likely to happen. (am so not morning - but might try for weekend days).

good luck too & Happy Running


thats very hardcore...and focussed...good luck and well done!


do you think?... is it any more hard core than telling someone sat on their couch tonight that they can run 5k in 9 weeks?.....

Hopefully I am not overdoing it - but time will tell ...

oh yes - did he like London?


Mixed reviews on London he didn't like spending 3 hours wandering round museums!

How's the spreadsheet going?

Just getting ready for parkrun- poached eggs, Berrocca and paracetamol ( might have had a teeny bit too much to drink)

Good luck with your park run



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