Things I learned today!

No:1 Orange and puce is not a good look!

No:2 Victoria secrets super max sports bra is incapable of holding in place my middle aged, mind of it's own boobage!

No:2 Running on empty after a really bad nights sleep is not a good idea.

No:3 I have far more resolve and determination than I ever believed.

No:4 Despite the run being rather pants I actually really enjoy it.

W6R1 - I know I probably shouldn't have run today, but I have a couple of really busy days coming up and I knew I wouldn't get time to fit it in until Thursday pm if I didn't go today, so after a particularly painful and restless sleep I was feeling really rather tired but pushed my sorry butt out of the door because the weather is truly beautiful today and I fancied a run in the sunshine for once, all my runs so far have been either in the rain or snow and in darkness.

Anyhow, did my warm up walk and then started the 5 min run, OMG was I tired, my legs forgot how to move halfway through and I nearly dropped back to walk, pushed on breathing hard and already turning a rather un fetching shade of magenta, got to the end of the 5 minute section and honestly felt like giving up, new sports bra was irritating because my boobs were making a bid for freedom at every stride and I was feeling a though I just couldn't do it. Started the 8 minute run section with a LOT of trepidation and was mostly praying that Sarah would tell me I was done when I felt like throwing in the towel again, I had lots of thoughts popping into my head of all the wise words I've read on here about slowing down, when it suddenly occurred to me this is the first run I've done without my amazing hubby at my side telling me off for going to quick, so my C25K lovelies, I listened to the inner voice and duly slowed down a bit, before I knew it the 8 minutes were up and you know, I felt kind of good :)

The last 5 minute section was harder still, but I learned that I CAN keep going when I desperately think I can't and I'm really rather pleased and proud of that, see, I knew there was more to this running malarky than just moving my legs.

Off now to look for another more supportive sports bra - any recommendations gratefully received - and possibly a black running top, black and puce looks ok doesn't it?


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17 Replies

  • I think well endowed ladies go for the Shockabsorber 🙂

  • Thanks misswobble, I'm not massively well endowed just what I have is middle aged and time/children/gravity have taken their toll! I had looked at the shockabsorber but it gets quite mixed reviews, ideally I need something that fastens at the front too (shoulder injury, so can't reach around my back or over my head) but can always ask Mr giddyaunts to help fasten it if needs be.

  • I have an Elami Energise in 38F. But, for extra support I always wear my ordinary every day T-shirt bra underneath. Works wonders :D

    I once went to a bra fitting shop for a strapless bra for my well-endowdness and will never ever go again! I can still hear the cries now, 'June, June, I don't know where to go with this lady!' June replied from a few cubicles along, 'have you tried the Goddess?' Then June appeared with 'the Goddess' which was a pointed creation something like Madonna wore when she was going through her Erotica stage. June and the other lady then stood and watched as I tried it on. I didn't buy it (hubby would have never recovered), and the mortification will stay with me until the day I die :o ! ...xx

  • Oh my gosh, how rude of them, you did make me giggle though re your hubby :)

    Thank you ANewMe2017 I'll go check that one out x

  • Something needed to absorb shock or saggage :)

    I got this, as it was fine for my boobage... ( not massive .) and gives me plenty of support..Just pulls on and off.. no zips or fasteners etc.. A bit tricky to get off after a run..but Husband is always willing to help :)

    You did amazingly and have learnt so much too.. especially the slow and steady bit ! Well done:)

  • Thanks Oldfloss will go take a look. :)

  • M&S high-impact sports bra - nothing moves - front fastening and relatively easy to extract yourself. Highly recommended!

  • Thank you, am off to M&S tomorrow :-)

  • I can concur :D I got one of these a couple of weeks ago and there's no escaping ;)

  • I can't offer helpful bra advice - all mine seem to be the sort that make me think that another run would be easier than taking the wretched thing off! 😳

    But well done you - you slowed down, you kept going, YOU DID IT!!! :)

  • Thank you, running is making me change the way I view things, for the better, it's a very nice feeling. :-)

  • I would recomend the Marks and Spencers extra high impact, too. They zip up the front. Nothing moves. I dont have a big bosom, but they do get v sensitive at times so find a really good sports bra essential.And the front loading helps..i can't do pretzel impressions before and after my run which seems to be a flaw with other bras!

  • Thanks Raven2016 will definitely give them a try :-)

  • M&S also do a really good high impact back fastening one as well, it has sort of a 'racer back'.

  • Wonderful post and gave me the push to stop deferring my run till this evening, get my kit on & get out. Good luck with your bra purchase, I am going to check M& s out too....didn't think of them.

  • I've got the M&S zip-up front loader and had a major catastrophe second time out - something felt weird as I was jogging along and I suddenly realised the zip was coming down. Before I had a chance to reach inside my (not) flattering high-viz it had pinged open and I was running unfettered. Under the light of a street lamp with my husband holding other layers out of the way (this was only a couple of weeks ago, COLD!) I managed to discreetly get the puppies back in the kennel. The trick with this bra is to firmly zip it up all the way, give it a little tug and then test it's not coming undone anytime soon.

  • Yes a sports bra really is a must. Being a 44E myself I have noticed the difference. I bought 2 different style no bounce SPORTS Glamoise bra from Amazon . The most expensive bra I have ever bought , but they really help. Second most important part of my running kit after my trainers.

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