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Week 8 eventually, yay!

I have finally made it to week 8 after what seemed forever on week 7. I managed the run OK but because I knew I would be running longer I had a real mental block and found myself running slower than normal and struggling. However when I got to the last 5 mins I felt great and it felt easier so I upped the pace a bit.

Question - for those that track, do you track from the moment you leave the house ie incorporating your warm up and warm down walks or do you just track the run? I have been tracking the whole lot and have got to 4.1km including walks. Are we supposed to run the 5k plus walking or 5k without the walking? Just curious.

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I tracked for the first time on Friday and included both walks just for curiosity because wanted to see how fat 5K was. However I would only be tracking a running 5K as that is what I will be working towards once I graduate. If we went to Parkrun which is 5K my thinking is we would already have done a warm up and the run will be 5K so this is my goal.


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I only track my running as it is that part of it that I want to see but depends on what you want to achieve.

Jules xx

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Well done! I've just completed this run and I found it tough too. But the main thing is to get to the end of the run without stopping :-) I track just my actual running, if that helps.

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