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Try, try try again

I did w5r1 then had a sore back and a bad cold. I've had a 4 day rest and decided to try again but instead of continuing on with w5 I've just repeated w1r1 as a warm up.Pleasantly surprised by how easy I found it after my beginning struggle! Just shows how far this thing can improve your fitness. Now waiting to see if my back hurts tomorrow. All being well I'll be back on the programme for my next run. Wish me luck! :-)

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Nice idea to reintroduce yourself gently, and to hear that it felt easy - that evidence of progress will spur you onto bigger things!

Keep up the great work :)


Well done! That must have been really cheering. Hope your back improves and that you get to w5r3 soon. The delight is amazing, but you might have to slow down a bit. Look after yourself, and good luck!


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