Try again

Okay began a few weeks ago completed week one and began week two plus went to a beginners runners club. Unfortunately I hurt my ankle/heel (area),which did not show up until next day and in the days following (camping) groin and knee (all same leg). I have rested leg/knee etc.

Now its time to begin again. I went out this morning at 6.00am to my local park, it was raining like heck and I got damp/wet.

I am pleased to say that I was not self conscious (normally I am +++++++) as I was more concerned with injuring my leg, I think I jogged slower than I walked !!!!!!!. tomorrow is a rest day though I will do some stretch exercise.

I am going to do run 2 on Wednesday morning again in the park.

I just want to say best wishes to everyone throughout all the stages of couch25k.



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  • I was just the same. Got into two weeks of the programme then sprained my ankle. Just started again and have just done w2r1.really am taking my time and taking two rest days when I need it plus lots of stretching and ankle strengthening exercises. So far not had any trouble from my ankle.hope it all goes well for you. I think the key is take your time and if it hurts then stop! I had a false start a few weeks ago,rested some more then was ok. We will get there I'm sure! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • yes I know what you mean :)

  • Best of luck Glen and well done for starting again. All the best with the future runs. :-D

  • Thank you :)

  • Stretching is one of those things I'm becoming more and more diligent with as I progress. Doing dynamic stretches (like knees-high, lunges, bum kicks) before starting to run, and then static stretches afterwards, seems to have fixed up a sore back I had once upon a time, for instance. So it's good to hear you're stretching.

    Yes, and self-consciousness is one of those vices we have to learn to quit, which c25k seems to be good at curing. Your sore leg was a blessing in disguise, then.

    And I bet you actually Enjoyed getting wet? :-)

  • Stretch and flex seems to be helping, so fingers cross :)

  • Im really pleased, today is a rest day no aches no pains whoopee lol

    run 2 of week 1 in the morning


  • I did not go to the park this morning. I thought I would try the canal instead. Boy am I glad I did very pleasant and enjoyable time, hardly anyone around except ducks, birds squirrels etc. o and a heron.

    Run 2 of week 1 completed though at first I thought I would not be able to do full time, so I made an effort to slow down jogs, I am very pleased to have completed all of this second run. though when Laura stated 2nd to last run I was very glad and turned around back towards the way I had arrived (still took me a little longer then the cool down to return to my car).

    So all being well I will head back to the canal for Fridays session.


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