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PB on Bushy Parkrun

Well pleased! got a personal best at Bushy Parkrun, but garmin seemed to be out by about 2 mins, anyone else had this? wonder if it can be calibrated? will have a look...

Gary S came back to meet me when he had finished to give me some encouragement to go faster to get the time down, but compared to his iphone my watch was out. But the Parkrun result confirmed my time was a good one for me. Yes! git in there!

Then we went to the Sweatshop in Teddington, for me to have gait analysis carried out, as recommended by Gary, as he said my feet seemed to land oddly at times. Lovely shop! and good service! So, got filmed on the treadmill and did some running up and down the store (felt a bit of a nana!) with 3 different pairs of shoes while the assistant watched carefully how my feet land, appears I need more mild cushioning for the over pronation. So they let me try a pair of Asics GT1000, a pair of NB 860 and another pair which I can't remember the name of but had springs built into the heel area. They all felt pretty good, but hard for me to tell and single out which one pair was best, I put on my old pair on and I did notice the lack of support, maybe through wear? they have served me well over the last 3-4 months and great for only £25! but I especially liked the feel of the NB860s so will probably go for these, didn't want to commit myself at the time though, as want to have a look at the prices for these on the net. Or could just get them from Sweatshop, as it was a good experience.

one thing I did notice is that my current NB680 V2s for £25 on the net were made in China, and the NB860s at about £90 are made in UK. I wonder if theres anything in this, with regard to quality?

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I have both those shoes. The New Balance feel a bit weird when you start running but are fine after a few minutes. The asics are fine too. Nothing to choose between them. If you liked the asics look for an offer on asics kayanos. They are a bit more expensive and have a bit more cushioning, but they are lovely, especialy if you want to run further. Mine are bright orange!!! I've seen all these shoes a lot cheaper on the net, or on special offer. Also look for brook adrenaline, which I found in tkmaxx very cheap. I got a full size larger than I usually get - got a PB at parkrun in those last week :)

well done on your parkrun pb.

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