Is it too soon to try a 5K fun run?

My daughter and I have completed up to Week 5 R2 (R3 tomorrow - gulp). We live in France where there seem to be very few short 5K runs. But on 5th September there is a Run and Dye in Chantilly near us. is it too soon to try that. Mind you I guess the answer will come tomorrow when we try the 20 minute straight run... Nervous about getting that one done...Would appreciate any advice

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  • No, not at all. The emphasis on these types of event is the fun. There will be people there that walk the whole thing.

    Go for it.

    Have a ball

    Walk as & when you need to.

    Good luck, looking forward to your run report ☺

  • No, not too soon, go for it!

  • Sign up!!! You can always run-walk the event, there are no rules saying you have to run the whole time.

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