Turned up too early for 5K Fun run !!

Turned up too early for 5K Fun run !!

Did my now becoming regular 30 minute run around local lake today. did extra 2 minutes and able to do early morning my favourite time. Some young people were staking out a course for "Subways" 5K Fun run. If I'd have known could have planned it later and ran with others. May make a change running with others from time to time.

One of them took a photo of me by my lake where I run about 800 metres circumference. It's actually at the back of Alexandra Stadium. Might get to run there one day. Photo shows all my clothes hanging off me. My sweatshirt still thinks my belly should be nestling in there !!

Think even my feet have shrank. Perhaps my head even ? But my wife still thinks I'm "Big Headed". so that can't be right. Once weight stabilized will have to buy some new gear !


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7 Replies

  • Wow Joe, how much weight have you lost in total?! That's going to be a treat getting all new running clobber. Well done on your run, it looks a lovely place :)

  • Only recently since turned 60 in January monitored it. But was between 12 and half and 13 stone for about 10 years.Lost about a stone over 12 months prior to doing C25K in March this year and lost about 10lbs over those 9 weeks. I think I posted a before and after photos couple of weeks ago when finished 3rd week 9 run. I used to cycle regularly but finishing full time work and leaving behind all those birthday cakes and biscuits and other treats helped and I stopped drinking totally when 60 in January.

    But as I say I'm not preaching abstinence from drink. I never had drink in the house but would drink at weddings , special occasions etc. I am lucky that I have not had to shed as much as some but high blood pressure and being close to being diabetic was a wake up call.

    Thanks for your support ! I'm still gong to be "baggy trousers" man for a while ! aim to lose another 7 to 8 pounds to get to top end of normal. not in a rush to get there it is coming off more slowly now. But am happy with my fitness and state of mind.

  • Forgot to say it is Perry Park near Alexandra Stadium , Birmingham . It must be one of the most tranquil places to be in Birmingham. Any time of day only usually see the odd dog walker. Not bad given that M6 only 500 metres away and Spaghetti Juntion about 2 miles !

  • That's really disciplined. Sounds like your in a comfortable groove of constant improvement now. That's impressive. I'm amazed that where you run is only 500m from a motorway - looks like you're out in the wilds of the country. Wish you heaps more happy runs Joe (looking forward to seeing the skin tight lycra in due course) 😉

  • Good work Joe! Always best to let the clothes give you the feedback on weight loss and avoid those pesky scales. They just vary too much day to day and it can be very demotivating.

  • Thanks all for posts. Not sure about the lycra ? Don't want to be scaring the wildlife or the natives ! Will get better picture next time. Think pointing into Sun. Difficult finding anyone around at end of run to take a photo sometimes. Will have to think about new gear.

  • I did the Subway 5K last year in Cambridge and enjoyed it! It was quite packed out, 3 times round the common, with all kinds of runners, families with little kids and prams, dogs, serious runners etc (the winner did it in 16 mins including all the obstacles at the end!) No official timing, but I had my Garmin...I got a medal AND a Subway sandwich!

    I think they often use the same venues, you'll know for next year!

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