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Ooh!! Strange sore foot!!

In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a kind of "tenderness" under my right foot - to be precise , in the big fleshy pad at the base of my big toe !! :) OK - that is an image that you only have to keep for a short while - no need to dwell on it overnight !! :)

BUT - the weird things is that I only feel in when I am sitting or lying down. One night in bed it was positively "painful" and kept me awake. Running or walking, I can't feel it -- On my foot , I can bang, poke, twist, jump up and down on it - I can probe the muscles , bones, ligaments - and feel NOTHING!! The human body is a weid thing - mine in particular . I am NOT going to GO to a GP about this!!

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Its will have been caused by the extra weight of responsibility you knew you would be carrying as Tail runner this week.


Sounds like Planter Fasciitis.


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