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Strange Pain


I have a really odd pain in my foot. I've tried googling typical running injuries but nothing seems similar. The pain is on my right foot down the outside edge, the bit that connects the ball of your foot to your heel if you were to look at a footprint.

I didn't run much over the half term and then on Monday I went out and did 5K. Some time after the run I stood up and felt the pain. The pain isn't constant though, It's nothing like a stress fracture as I could hop on it if I wanted to and there is no pain. If I try prodding and poking the foot I don't have any tender bits. It only hurts when I put weight on it in a certain way (and I have trouble replicating that). It feels worse with shoes on and when I walk (the flex of the foot) but if I try to replicate the movement when standing still, it's fine.

I'm not sure if I've bruised it, pulled a muscle or something else. I can still run, I went out today and it was fine, didn't hurt when running but after when I put my other shoes on it was painful.

Any ideas? Keep running or rest it?

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Sounds like you have bruised something have a couple of days off running to be on safe side then don't do anything that hurts it ! You could ice it and/or take ibuprofen if you are able (with food) doesn't sound like a big problem to me but of course even small problems become bigger ones if care is not taken !

Hello! I had the exact same pain you describe about 2,3 weeks ago. I found that it has eased off with each run - i continued running 5K... I'm now week 7 :) I don't know why it would be. I've put it down to part of the fitness plan!?

Hope it goes away soon for you too.


I have the exact same sounding thing - happened about 2 weeks ago and it is slowly going away. Internet research tells me that it may be Plantar Faciitis - but who knows. Strange sort of pain that comes and goes - in fact it seems to be worse when I am walking or sitting than when I am running

I'm not sure what it could be but I will throw something else into the mix which I have heard before. Have you changed any of your non running shoes recently. As runner when anything from the hips down hurt we immediately think it's running related, I had a friend this happened to and after sitting and talking about things it transpired she had bought new work shoes and they were the cause of the pain, nothing running related at all. Change of shoes for work and the pain went, also check your running treads if they are worn that could be a cause for a niggle.

I have the same thing. My doc diagnosed it as Plantar Faciitis. All I had to do was get inserts for my shoes and all was well again. It has been over a year and most of the time I don't feel it but like you, if I move a certain way walking barefoot, it flares up again to remind me that it's there. Have a sports physio diagnose it for you to be sure.

Good Luck!

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