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Starting to Programme again!!!

I completed the C25K last year and totally enjoyed it. But as soon as the cooler weather arrived I got demotivated.

I have started the programme against and did W5R1 this morning along with about 20 on resistance machines at my gym.

Feeling good all round and positive i can complete the programme again, just hoping i can make it a life-style change this time

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Welcome back! And good for you for starting again too. I haven't faced my first winter as a runner (yet) and can see how easy it would be to get demotivated. So when the evenings get darker I'm planning on joining a local running club so that I have other people around me to motivate me and to run with too. I'm sure I'll even find some new routes! And there's the parkrun too which I still have to put in an appearance at.

So I think the key is probably either joining others (or joining a gym and running there) and planning to make it part of your lifestyle!

Good luck!


Hi Pastor, welcome back and good luck on your journey. I can imagine it's hard to stay motivated in the winter. I wonder if scheduling in some races would give you something to aim for and keep you training? I might try it myself! Best of luck.


I started running in September so had to run through to winter for the programme. You soon harden up to the cold! I thought I'd freeze to death but you soon get warmed up.

Joining a running group is a great plan for winter running. Better than reverting back to the sofa!

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So true!


I usually run in the gym, but I am thinking of doing some public races. I am from South Essex, and there a a couple of races not to far from me coming up in September, LOL you never know, you may see me there!!!!!


Way to go and welcome back!!!!


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