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Starting again!

I tried these podcasts last summer/autumn and really enjoyed them. Unfortunately I lost my rhythm after going on holiday in October and the poor weather combined in a momentous loss of enthusiasm (I've been out once since). Shame really as I really felt the difference on that holiday when a hike went a bit wrong and ended up a lot longer than intended! That day I impressed not only myself, but also my other half as, unusually, he was the one dragging behind me!

Having started out as a stealth runner, I eventually let my boyfriend in on the secret and was stunned by how supportive he was. I actually felt a bit guilty that I had underestimated him. I never graduated, which I regret but this time I am even more determined so I know I will manage it.

So, today is the start of my second attempt. I was thinking of skipping a couple of weeks as I'm definitely fitter now than I was when I started the programme last time. That's all changed now though, as I've managed to persuade my other half to join me! I wouldn't say he was particularly keen, but I've convinced him to try the first run at least so hopefully he will enjoy it. So, W1R1 here WE go!

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Welcome back and good luck to the both of you :) Your determination is great. Take it at your own pace and enjoy yourselves. Look forward to hearing how you are both doing ;)


You know you can do it!!! Enjoy :) x x


I did the same after an injury, starting from week one. It felt quite a bit easier than first time around in the early stages but I think it helps give you confidence that you can tackle the longer distances later. Am now back running regularly. Good luck xxx


Hope you both enjoyed it! I graduated about a year ago but then let it slip so have started again too - I will be doing week 3 run 3 tomorrow.


Thank God I am not the only one! I live in Maine and we had record snowfall this past winter and I am so clumsy...Now the sun is out and the snow is gone. I did my first back on track the other night and was hard but not nearly traumatizing as the first time I did it back in the fall. So I'm on for tonight with the reward of a nice hot bath and my book....We can totally do this!!


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