As you can see I almost got my moj back

It's going to be a long time until it's a full mojo.

When the JD cupboard fell off the wall - due to excess weight hiding within, I bounced back onto the sideboard.

Acknowledging that while poppypug still has her pinto, I no longer have my noble steed so I need to do something about it. Even at a walk he escaped and I now have nothing more than a limping shank's pony.

What sort of brave king and leader of all am I? Not even the magnificent, purple velvet and gold crown fits anymore. Not impressed. Listened for the ocarina and looked for the trolley but they were far distant. Not capable of more than a rattling (the lungs, not the trolley that is) walk, I'm starting training in two weeks. Until then it's a three miles daily walk in preparation.

Will I ever catch the noble steed, eat another JD or win the trolley-catcher of the year award?


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19 Replies

  • Yup, my moj is back.

  • Dozzer! I had to do a double take there when I saw your name. Welcome back to this brave new world! I've missed your mad rantings and crazy intellectual exchanges with PoppyPug and Ancient Mum. The world has been a sadder place without you.

    For newbies here, you're in for a treat. Don't expect to understand a word of what is posted but you're still in for a treat.

  • Oh, fair maiden, how I have missed the forum. Maybe I should reincarnate as Caesar. Mmm, Caesar Dozzicus, I may quite like that one.

  • Wah hey! Good to hear from you, I'll have to get the hula hoop out again, back on the trail of the triathlon for the discombobulated, or maybe a heptathlon? When you've found that o missing from your moj, perhaps. Now, I'll just go and pick poppypug up off the floor and fan her with an old copy of the Beano.


  • Dozz?....... Dozz??? ........... DOZZ!!!!! I go away for a weeks holiday and come back to find you've returned. Happy happy happy :) :)

    So good to know you're back *rushes out to put the kettle on and slice the Emergency Soreen* I'll dust off the ocarina as soon as I've whet me whistle with a cup of Yorkshire's finest.

    Good plan to start off walking first: I started back with a little light limping before rejoining Blessed St Laura's Long March to fitness? I'm on Week4 now and starting to get that frisson of excitement that presages w5r3.

    Better shine up my brass buttons and Ents Div insignia, now the C in C is back. Have a smart salute and a quick Hail Caesar. That should cover all bases in case you decide to reincarnate as an ancient Roman autocrat. ;)

    Happy days, Dozz. Good to have you back :) xxx

    Just thought, if you come back as Dozzius Caeser, you'll be needing a chariot ....

  • It'd certainly be more manly than a shopping trolley.

  • A tartan chariot, of course. One does have standards to maintain!

  • Sounds like I should be happy that you are posting!!!! I can see from your post that we're going to have a bit of fun ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Mad confused fun!

  • Hail Caesar!

  • Hiya Dozzer, welcome back. Looking forward to reading all you exploits as you get back up to fighting fitness.

  • yay! I'm looking forward to being completely baffled again! what fun x :-D

  • Hi Caes!

    (Sounds like high seas)

    Er, welcome back Doz! I've been a bit redundant since you left what with no despatches to fulfil, and feeling a tad bereft in the orders dept, so my body started to fall to bits so I might need a lift on the old chariot, so budge up, I'll drive. Sound the ocarina and we'll be off.

    Trundle .....

  • Hi Caes.... Hahahaha :D :D

    Hoist the mainsail, left hand down a bit. MissW has the tiller of the tartan chariot. :)

  • Just back from hippodrome, where's me tea?

  • The Dozzer Returns........this forum will never be the same again!

  • welcome back crazy person... good to see you here and glad you've nearly got it back :)

  • Oh gawd, I'm in charge of the tartan chariot! The responsibility! Slopes off to surreptitiously revise hand signals ......

  • Welcome back!!!!

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